TSCNET Services – our shareholders and our Supervisory Board

Our company is owned equally by the 15 power transmission system operators from eleven European countries. Our shareholders are:

  • 50Hertz (Germany)
  • Amprion (Germany)
  • APG (Austria)
  • ČEPS (Czechia)
  • ELES (Slovenia)
  • HOPS (Croatia)
  • MAVIR (Hungary)
  • PSE (Poland)
  • SEPS (Slovakia)
  • TenneT (Germany)
  • TenneT (The Netherlands)
  • TransnetBW (Germany)
  • Swissgrid (Switzerland)
  • Transelectrica (Romania)
  • Creos (Luxembourg), and
  • Vorarlberger Übertragungsnetz GmbH (Austria)

Our Supervisory Board consists of the following indivuduals (each with their respective TSO):

  • Chairman: Dr. Rainer Pflaum, TransnetBW
  • Doris Barnert, Swissgrid
  • Dr. Dirk Biermann, 50Hertz
  • Dr. Peter Hoffmann, TenneT
  • Leszek Jesień, PSE