Our Services – for the future of the grid!

Our work is characterised by close and trustful long-term cooperation with our customers to secure an efficient power supply in a synchronised European power transmission grid.

We conduct and moderate congestion forecast procedures for 30 transmission system operators (TSOs) in 27 continental European countries. In addition to the five mandatory services as a Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) for the TSOs of Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland, many TSOs have entrusted us with further tailor-made services meeting the individual requirements of each customer.

TSCNET Services, customer orientation

Digitisation will profoundly change our world. We at TSCNET Services have set out to take advantage of the enormous technological possibilities between Big Data and Smart Grid to secure our electricity transmission networks and integrate energies from renewable sources.