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We coordinate the secure operation of the European power system.

Welcome to TSCNET Services in Munich, Germany. We provide Transmission System Operators in continental Europe with 24/7 cross-border coordination of the European power system. TSCNET Services is one of Europe’s leading Regional Coordination Centres (RCC).

More than 37 nationalities work in TSCNET in Munich

What we do

We render integrated services for electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) and their control centres.

We help maintain reliable power system operation in Europe – 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

TSCNET Ultimate Framework

Trusted partner in enabling a secure sustainable power system in Europe.


TSCNET provides Transmission System Operators in continental Europe with 24/7 crossborder coordination services to ensure secure operation of the European power system.


We support Transmission System Operators in securing a sustainable power system.

Strategy Pillars

Regulatory compliance
Cost efficiency
Reliable service operation
State-of-the-art solutions

TSCNET Behaviours


We continuously IMPROVE




What we do

Power and energy experts

We ensure the provision of grid capacities and coordinate counter­measures in the case of imminent bottlenecks in electricity production or consumption. Together with our partners, we make the energy transition possible.

Our Services

Comprehensive service portfolio

We enable a coordinated analysis of the network-wide security situation and provide a forecast of the available transmission capabilities.

Your journey starts here!

Power- People - Culture:
The next step in your career

We believe in empowering people. We believe in having a good time at work. We believe in hiring the best people and profiles on the market. We are growing and constantly on the lookout for the best talent.

In TSCNET we have gathered around 100 of the smartest people who are all passionate about power and delivering the best service possible. We have a huge variety of profiles and diversity is for us a natural and constant element in our culture and collaboration.

Employees from
37 different countries
There are talents and abilities in each of us that we can discover and then develop every day. You have to seize every chance to do so yourself, but this is much easier if you have an environment that supports you and always offers new opportunities.
Dieter Weiß
Managing Director

About us

We are very aware of the role we are playing in the European Power System and with some of the best talent in the industry working in Munich we are situated perfectly to service our market.

In accordance with legislation adopted by the European Commission, each TSOs is obliged to delegate a set of certain services to a RCC – TSCNET is one of the leading RCCs in Europe.