Our vision: Sustainable, cleverly used power for the whole of Europe

Turning data…
into information for a secure, prosperous and sustainable Europe

Energy is life! For us humans, electricity has become almost as important as our daily bread. Turning on the lights, working at the computer, listening to music, cooking, making phone calls, travelling, using the Internet, heating or washing clothes – almost everywhere in our work and leisure time we are dependent on a secure power supply around the clock every day. A world without electricity is hardly imaginable. Europe’s electricity transmission system operators ensure that our electricity grids are stable. As one of Europe’s largest regional security coordinators, we at TSCNET Services support them with tailor-made services – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On this path we attach great importance to quality and customer orientation.

What is it that drives us? Our vision is a truly sustainable power supply for the whole of Europe, in which energy is used both efficiently and intelligently, and comes largely from renewable sources. We are committed to this long-term vision with all our knowledge, skills and experience.

We have set out to help shape the energy supply of the future. The digitisation is helping us to achieve this: With a lot of expertise, highly engineered methods and excellent information technology, we continuously evaluate enormous amounts of production, consumption and transmission data from almost all over Europe. For our customers, we turn terabytes of data into valuable information for optimal control of energy flows across national borders. For a secure, prosperous and sustainable Europe ready for the future.

“An inspiring vision is the driving force behind an entire company. It gives a deeper meaning to what we do. In a fast-growing company that is taking on more and more tasks, this also ensures orientation in all strategic decisions.”

Uwe Zimmermann, TSCNET Services, Managing Director