Best-in-class services


TSCNET Services coordinates most of TSC’s activities and renders all the tailor-made coordination services for operational planning, forecast data merging, congestion assessment, and capacity calculation for TSOs’ control centres – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We conduct and moderate congestion forecast procedures for 29 TSOs in 26 continental European countries. In effect, we help our clients to better manage their expanding operations, especially with respect to integrating wind energy and handling increases in cross-border trading and electricity transmission.

Our IT infrastructure is ready to be imbedded into ENTSO-E’s future Operational Planning Data Environment (OPDE) and the processing of the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES).

An international team of experienced experts at TSCNET Services delivers comprehensive services for TSOs on a 24/7 basis.

  1. Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC): To calculate cross-border electricity transfer capacities (using flow-based or net transfer capacity methodologies) and maximise the transmission capacity offered to the markets.
  2. Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA): To identify risks of operational security and to determine the most efficient remedial actions (including Multiletaral Remedial Actions, called MRAs).
  3. Outage Planning Coordination (OPC): To maintain a single register for all planed outages of grid assets (overhead lines, generators, etc.), in order to enhance maintenance management.
  4. Short, Very Short and Medium Term Adequacy Forecasts (SMTA): Providing TSOs and market participants with consumption, production, and grid status forecasts up to several weeks in advance.
  5. Improved Individual Grid Models (IGM) and Common Grid Model (CGM): Providing a regional dynamic view of all major grid assets (generation, consumption, transmission), updated every hour. Merging of common grid models.

– Continuous improvement of data quality
– Product Training (TSCNET Academy)
– Administrative Support for TSC

IT infrastructure & information system

We use a common tool for data exchange and security assessments, which was recently upgraded to the Advanced Multisite Integral Congestion Assessment (AMICA) module. TSOs’ operational forecast data is transferred to our online platform where it is merged and serves as the basis for all subsequent grid security calculations and many significant analyses.

Video conferencing system

In many situationy, a live video conference is much more effective than several phone calls or written communication. TSCNET provides a high-secure all-in-one desktop video conference system that allows participants to easily communicate with their colleagues both in other control centres and at TSCNET.


We conduct operational planning teleconferences among our clients to discuss grid conditions, unusual flows or exceptional situations such as outages, high renewable infeeds, or low demand due to bank holidays. Conferences are done daily (DOPT) and weekly (WOPT). For every conference, we provide detailed documentation.

Daily day-ahead congestion forecast

The day ahead congestion forecast (DACF) is a daily procedure for power flow forecasts in the European grid. Experts of the TSC TSOs discuss the grid situation for the 24 hours of the next day and decide about potential counter measures to prevent congestions. DACF is one of the most important tools in a TSOs’ operational environment.

Intraday congestion forecast

Our 24/7 rolling intraday congestion forecast (IDCF) together with Coreso helps TSOs to improve short- and real-time security assessment.

Real-time snapshot

Every hour, a real-time snapshot (RTSN) of the power grid allows rigorous after the fact analyses to validate and improve the congestion forecast processes.

Moderation of MRAs

Sometimes single or bilateral remedial actions are just not enough to resolve security violations. In such cases, we help to arrange multilateral remedial actions (MRAs) with three or more TSOs.

and RTSN report

Our weekly report gives a review of all major issues during the regular DACF, IDCF, and RTSN processes. This report is complemented by the weekly operational performance report.

Capacity Calculation

We provide capacity calculation services for three regions: central west Europe (CWE), central east Europe (CEE), and Italian northern borders. For the future, we want to support Europe’s TSOs to further harmonise their capacity calculation processes and to integrate advanced tools and methods.