Munich, there and back! TSCNET sees Łukasz off


According to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, change is the only constant in life. At TSCNET Services, the most obvious change is inherent in the system and sort of natural: Experts from one of our shareholders and customers leave their current job and their home country to join TSCNET – and return home later with loads of new knowledge and experiences. This time we had to say goodbye to one of our operators: Łukasz Bobowski, who came from PSE (Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne), the Polish transmission system operator (TSO).

After one and a half years, Łukasz turns back to PSE and takes up his former position – well, the former position with a new aim: Becoming a dispatcher in the national control centre and being responsible for the network security analysis during the shift. Although it is hard to say goodbye, it is great to see that one of the key ideas of our company works.

“Here at TSCNET, I have extended my special knowledge of power systems, which will be of great benefit in my future career. I am looking forward to rejoining to PSE and to making my team stronger with added capabilities and connections,” says Łukasz. On the other hand Łukasz admits, that he also feels a bit nostalgic about leaving Munich and separating from his co-workers: “Of all the experiences I made, the best one is that I have met a bunch of great people! I will miss the city of the world’s most famous beer festival, the beautiful Alps which I have visited almost every free day between my shifts, but most of all I will miss my new friends.” With Łukasz being back at one of TSCNET’s shareholders, we stand a excellent chance of staying in touch and even working together again. We wish you all the best back in Warsaw!

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Munich, there and back! TSCNET sees Łukasz off