Transformer for Combined Grid Solution


At the Hollandia shipyard in Krimpen aan den IJssel in the Dutch province of South Holland, the next step has been taken for the Combined Grid Solution, the first Danish-German offshore connection in the Baltic Sea: A 450MVA transformer was placed on the Kriegers Flak Extension offshore platform. The interconnector is a joint venture by the two TSCNET shareholders 50Hertz, one of the four German Transmission System Operators (TSOs), and Energinet, the Danish TSO.

By linking two offshore wind farms, the German Baltic 2 and the planned Danish Kriegers Flak, the Combined Grid Solution will integrate the electricity systems of both respective countries. The transformer is necessary to balance the different voltage levels of the Danish and German offshore wind farms. After the complete assembly of the transformer, the entire platform topside will be shipped to Kriegers Flak at the end of April. Here, it will be installed on the gravity foundation, which has been erected in February of this year on the floor of the Danish Baltic Sea.

> See 50Hertz press release (html)

Picture: Dieter Böhm / 50Hertz