Thomas Egebo appointed CEO of Energinet


At the helm of TSCNET shareholder Energinet, a change of personnel is pending, as long-time President and CEO Peder Østermark Andreasen has decided to retire after 13 years of successfully managing the Danish transmission system operator (TSO). As successor to Mr. Andreasen, the Supervisory Board of Energinet now has designated Thomas Egebo, who will take over his duties as early as 1 May 2018. Thomas Egebo comes from top level politics to Energinet, holding the position of Permanent Secretary in the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate.

Given Energinet’s important role in the Danish and European energy sector, Lars Barfoed, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, emphasises the high degree of responsibility that the company’s CEO has to shoulder, especially in times of a rapidly changing energy system. In this regard, Mr Barfoed praises the very strong professional profile and extensive experience of Thomas Egebo, who himself outlines Energinet’s mission as managing and expanding “socially critical energy infrastructure”, ensuring “high security of supply and well-functioning electricity and gas markets”, and supporting an “efficient transition to clean energy”.

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Picture: Maria Tuxen Hedegaard / Energinet