“Tagesspiegel Background”: “Most valuable advice”


Will there be large amounts of wind energy in the coastal regions? Where do bottlenecks might occur? And how should transmission system operators (TSOs) react in order to avoid critical network situations? ‒ Safety analysis and risk management for the pan-European transmission system based on large volumes of data is the core business of the European regional security coordinators (RSCs), one of which is the Munich-based TSCNET Services. Although there are many other tasks ‒ such as calculating generation capacity to keep the grid stable ‒ RSCs only monitor and evaluate the market and grid situation to advise their TSO shareholders, but do not operate the grid themselves.

Maik Neubauer, one of the two managing directors of TSCNET Services, took the opportunity to explain the business of the Munich-based RSC more detailed in a personal portrait and interview in the “Tagesspiegel Background Energy & Climate”, a daily market newsletter for decision-makers from the energy and climate sector. The “Background” is created by specialists from the renowned German daily newspaper “Tagesspiegel”. In addition, Mr Neubauer gives insights into his personal view of the digital and energy-specific future, his motivations and inspirations.

Recently, in the context of the European Commision’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package, there has been some discussion about the role of the RSCs and wether they should take over operational responsibility. Regarding this, Mr Neubauer represents clear positions: “In my view, Brussels underestimates how complex the European power grids are and how valuable the long experience of national TSOs is.” Hence, the TSCNET managing director welcomes the prevailing opinion that the RSCs will not have direct control of the network in the near future. Instead, TSCNET Services will streamline its evaluative and advisory functions. This includes grid stabilisation assistance after outages, training of TSO staff and active proposals for necessary compensation measures to improve cross-border coordination, increase safety and, ultimately, save costs.

> Open article and interview, in German (pdf, 126kb).

The article was published in the daily decision-maker newsletter “Tagesspiegel Background Energy & Climate” and is reissued with kind permission. The rights are held by the publishing house Der Tagesspiegel GmbH.