Shooting to tell TSCNET’s story


As a joint venture of thirteen power transmission system operators (TSOs) and one of Europe’s Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs), we at TSCNET Services feel obliged not only to our customers, shareholders, and employees, but also to the European society. We want to tell who we are and how we contribute to our customers’ success. For the first time in our four-year history, we decided to get our message out and to connect with our audience by a corporate video. Following a script based on a clear concept, we hired the well-known German film production firm KieferNümann to create an entertaining, informative, and factful short video.

Last week, TSCNET’s busy 24/7 office premises had been turned into a film set – while fully operating! Thank heaven, we only had one day of shooting – lasting from half past seven in the morning until half past nine at night. The only stars: our staff! It was not about professional acting, but passion, authenticity, and keeping it real. Using TSCNET employees was the best way to give our audience an inside look at the company and its culture on a more personal level.

Our first corporate video will have its world premiere at the Open Evening at TSCNET premises on the 16th of October, the day before the international Conference on Electricity and Security Coordination (ElSeC) in Munich, hosted by TSCNET Services and co-organised by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). One more reason to look forward to ElSeC 2017!


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New explainer video published


For the first time in the company’s history, we created a short video for TSCNET Services explaining the most relevant services we render for TSOs’ control centres – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We raise no claim to completeness, but the 3:15 video helps a lot to get an idea of what we are as a business and what we do for our clients.

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TV report about Solar Eclipse


The “Abendschau”, a magazine-programme on Bavarian TV on weekdays, reported about transmission system operators (TSOs) preparing for the March 20 solar eclipse. The tv crew had visited TenneT Germany and TSCNET Services. One of the interviewed experts was Alexander Wirth, one of the two Managing Directors of TSCNET Services GmbH, talking about this unprecedented challenge for the European electricity system.

> See “Abendschau” report (html, 2:42 min, in German)




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Opening in Munich


TSC representatives meet with regulatory authorities and partner bodies in Munich, Germany, to inaugurate the very atmospheric Grand Opening of the TSC TSOs – Joint Office. The new Joint Office means a big step towards higher efficiency and better quality due to closer coordination and collaboration.

The photo shows (left to right) Ben Voorhorst (COO of TenneT), Alexander Wirth (TSC Operational Manager) and Rudolf Baumann (Chairman of the TSC Steering Committee) with a golden key at the opening ceremony.

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> Watch our video about the Grand Opening:

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