TYNDP 2020 Scenario Report


The Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDPs) are published every two years by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and for gas (ENTSOG) with the participation of the respective member transmission system operators (TSOs). The TYNDPs support the European Commission in selecting Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) to be subsidised by European funds.

An EU regulation requires the ENTSOs to develop scenarios for their TYNDPs, and with the TYNDP 2020 the ENTSOs have designed these scenarios jointly for the second time. This cooperation makes sense because the scenarios not only serve to test the future needs and projects of the electricity and gas infrastructure, but also to investigate the interactions between gas and electricity grids in order to assess the infrastructure of a hybrid energy system.

The supply and demand data obtained from TSOs have resulted in the “National Trends” scenario, the central policy-based scenario that takes into account Member States’ national energy and climate plans as well as EU climate targets. The “Global Ambition” and “Decentralised Energy” scenarios are developed as full energy scenarios (not only for gas and electricity) and are in line with the objective of the Paris Convention. “These scenarios represent a comprehensive, reliable and contrasted set of possible energy futures that will allow the ENTSOs to perform a sound assessment of European infrastructure projects in the TYNDPs,” comments Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General of ENTSO-E.

The “TYNDP 2020 Scenario Report” featuring the draft versions of the scenarios has now been released by the ENTSOs and a formal public consultation on the scenarios will be launched shortly and will run until January. On 5 December, the ENTSOs will organise a public workshop in Brussels to present the TYNDP 2020 Scenario Report.

The ENTSOs have published their joint “TYNDP 2020 Scenario Report” (illustration using a picture by ENTSO-E/ENTSOG)

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TYNDP2020 applications from infrastructure projects


The biennial Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDPs) are compiled by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) with the participation of the member transmission system operators (TSOs). The TYNDPs derive from the in-depth identification of Europe-wide power-related key investments and infrastructure projects with high potential.

From mid-October to mid-November, ENTSO-E accepts applications for electricity and storage projects for the forthcoming TYNDP2020. To assist project promoters in preparing their submission sufficiently, ENTSO-E yesterday published a guidance for applicants. The guideline contains information on the procedure and timetable for applying to TYNDP2020, the administrative and technical criteria to be met by the projects and the documents and information to be submitted to verify compliance with these criteria. The guide is supplemented by the demonstrative slide presentation “Applying to the TYNDP2020 – A visual guide to the main steps”.

The application period for the TYNDP2020 starts in mid-October


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Strong improvements in NDPs of TSOs


The individual Network Development Plans (NDPs) of the European transmission system operators (TSOs) set the parameters for the development of the electrical transmission infrastructure on the national scale. At the pan-European level, the biennial Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDPs) – conceived by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) with the participation of the member TSOs – provide the framework for in-depth identification of continent-wide key investments and infrastructure projects with high potential. It is the task of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) to assess the coherence of national and EU-wide NDPs.

ACER now has published its detailed opinion on the schemes, scenarios and projects included in the most recent national NDPs. ACER is pleased to find that the coherence with the European TYNDP has substantially improved, e.g. through a wider use of cost-benefit analysis for projects or a more systematic use of a multi-scenario approach. In its 84-page opinion, however, the Agency also calls for some improvements to reduce inconsistencies.

ACER has published its opinion on the coherence of national and EU-wide NDPs

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ACER on TYNPD 2016


Last December, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) presented the final draft of its Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2016 and submitted it to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). Now ACER has published its official opinion not only on the TYNPD, but also on the respective national network development plans and on their consistency with the supranational TYNPD.

The Agency praises the improvement in comparison to former plans and especially acknowledges the TYNPD’s scenario development, the identification of target capacities in terms of economic-efficient cross-border trading, and the clear classification of projects in mid-term, long-term, and future projects. However, ACER suggests some further improvements with regard to project selecting, technical-economic assessing, or calculation transparency.

Relating to the national plans, the Agency has discovered a few discrepancies between the projects in the EU-wide TYNPD and projects included in national plans. To enhance consistency on this matter, the Agency recommends ENTSO-E to include all projects with cross-border relevance listed in national plans in future TYNDPs.

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Picture: Edit of an illustration by Arnaud Gilon / European Union, EC-Audiovisual Service


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New interconnectors for Hungary and Slovakia


The Hungarian transmission system operator (TSO) and TSC member MAVIR intends to built two new extra-high voltage lines between Hungary and Slovakia in cooperation with the national Slovak TSO, SEPS. The signing of the related contract took place in the Slovak capital of Bratislava on 1 March. Not only the highest representatives from both TSOs attended the ceremony, but also high profile politcal players, such as Péter Szijjártó, the Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, or Peter Kažimír and Peter Žiga, Slovak Ministers for Finance and Economy, respectively.

The interconnectors are graded as project of common interest by the European Commission and are part of the European Ten Year Network Development Plan. The first 400kV line will connect the substation Gönyű in Hungary to the hydroelectric power plant Gabčíkovó in Slovakia – both facilities are lying close to the Hungarian-Slovak border. The line will be continued til Velký Ďur in the Slovak region of Nitra. The second line is planned further east, connecting Rimavska Sobotá in the Banská Bystrica Region in Slovakia to Sajóivánka in the Hungarian county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén.

Hungarian Minister Péter Szijjártó acknowledges the cross-border connections as infrastructural key projects contributing to the increase of competitiveness and security supply inh both countries. MAVIR’s Chief Executive Officer, Kamilla Csomai, complements, that the two interconnectors will also facilitate the integration of regional electricity markets. According to the schedule stipulated in the contract, the interconnectors are expected to come into commission by December 2020.

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Picture showing Kamilla Csomai, CEO of MAVIR, and Miroslav Obert, President and CEO of SEPS.



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Final TYNPD version released


After two years of expert development and several months of joint public consultation since the first publication of the 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) in June 2016, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) has published the final version of the TYNDP 2016 on 20 December. The TYNDP is currently with the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) for the Agency’s official opinion.

The central topic of the TYNDP 2016 is the specification of the European power grid in view of Europe’s climate objectives for 2030. The included studies clearly reveal the indispensability of extending the current grid to shift large amounts of renewable electricity from the generation places to the consumption centres. Demand response, new storage solutions and an improved energy efficiency alone will not be sufficient to meet the requirements of Europe’s future electricity market.

The ENTSO-E TYNDP 2016 comprises insight reports, regional investment plans and a scenario development report. The publication is accompanied by the full stakeholder consultation report and the complete data underlying the TYNDP studies.

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