Staff position: Back home to create the new


Sometimes a fresh start can also be a comeback, and this is the case with Veronika Doppelhammer, the new Program Manager for Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA) Transformation at TSCNET Services. Some ten years ago, Veronika left the world of transmission system operators (TSOs) to further expand her professional experience. Now, she returns to the TSO business by taking on a task that is most challenging and truly in need of a responsible-minded expert. In her new role as CSA Transformation Manager, Veronika will lead the further functional and IT-related developments in one of the most important service areas. In this area, our company supports its customers in identifying and managing bottlenecks and risks in the European electricity grid. The CSA services will be further extended to allow better coordination and advice. “This most important and complex venture has to be run by an absolute professional,” says Maik Neubauer, one of our Managing Directors.

Veronika was born in Bavaria and received the degree of a Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik at the University of Applied Sciences in the Lower Bavarian capital of Landshut. She completed her diploma thesis as working student at the hydropower division of the Bayernwerk AG. Veronika’s first TSO experience followed in a six-month project at Technikon Pretoria (now merged into the Tshwane University of Technology) in cooperation with the South African TSO Eskom. Subsequently, the electrical engineer fulfilled various positions and management roles in energy companies ‒ such as several divisions of E.ON Energie AG and the Swiss TSO Swissgrid – and gathered substantial experience in the fields of strategy and business development, regulatory and risk management. Especially at TSCNET shareholder Swissgrid, for which Veronika worked until 2007, former colleagues are looking forward to collaborate with Veronika again.

Veronika is excited to be challenged by the new project at TSCNET Services. She is eager to get new functionalities ready in time, but always with an open eye to regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction. “I have held various positions in many areas of the energy sector, not only electricity but also gas. I worked in small start-ups and large corporations always having in mind to improve interface management,” explains Veronika. With this experience and as a part of the TSCNET management, Veronika wants to enable the (young) team of TSCNET to fully use their potential.

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Alisa, Andres, and Prashik new in Service Operations


Of the four teams at TSCNET Services, the Service Operations team is not only the largest, but also the one with the most colleagues coming directly from one of the transmission system operators (TSOs) that are also shareholders of the company. This leads to a great transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience, but also has a downside: Most of the time the TSO would like to have “their” employee back earlier or later, and we have to find replacements. This time we are pleased to welcome as many as three new employees: Alisa Mocanu and Prashik Mankar as additional Operations Managers and Andres Sanchez Garcia as new IT Operations Manager.

Operations Manager Alisa was born in the Republic of Moldova and went to Romania to study. There she completed her master’s at Faculty of Power Engineering at the Politehnica University of Bucharest. She has several years of experience in the development and commissioning of photovoltaic power plants (20MW) and in the field of grid software solutions. She chose TSCNET Services because she can here be part of a team that shapes the future of energy.

Alisa’s colleague Prashik Mankar comes from India and has a master’s in Electrical Power Engineering from the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, following his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Technology in Navi Mumbai, a satellite city to the metropolis of Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. Before joining us he worked for our client 50Hertz, mainly in the field of online simulations and forecasted grid models. Prior to that, he worked for GridLab GmbH with a focus on the implementation and operation of phase shifting transformer (PSTs) and detecting and eliminating looming bottlenecks in the power transmission grid.

Originally from Spain, IT Operations Manager Andres has more than ten years of experience in the IT business after graduating in Advanced Software Development in 2003 at the age of only 21. The family man has been living in Germany since 2009. Most recently he was Global IT Manager at Matica Technologies AG in Munich. He opted for TSCNET Services primarily because of the almost familiar open office concept and the excellent opportunities for personal development. “He works efficiently, is always helpful and thanks to his character, working with him makes everyone happy,” says one of his former colleagues appreciatively. The employees and customers of TSCNET would certainly not mind if one day they would also speak of our three newcomers in this way.

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New hire: IT Services team up to the Márk


When something is so good that it meets the requirements and expectations, British English in particular says: “It’s up to the mark!” Márk Beregi, the new Senior IT Infrastructure Manager in TSCNET’s IT Services team, will indeed have to focus on requirements and expectations, namely those of colleagues and above all customers with regard to the network infrastructure and computer systems.

Márk was born in Hungary, but has lived in Germany for a fairly long time. In the course of his career in the IT industry, he has managed to gain a wide range of experience in a variety of positions – even though he had worked for the same company for almost 18 years before joining TSCNET. Despite his loyalty, Márk also felt the need for a new environment with new challenges. “In addition, I really like TSCNET’s purpose,” says the experienced IT professional. “What would we all do, and our economy too, without a secure power supply?” He also values the open and supportive corporate culture. “Not only do the coworkers help you right away, but also in a friendly tone.”

“IT Infrastructure Managers are tireless leaders, creative thinkers and technical whizzes,” states JobHero, a career information platform. If that is the case, then the “friendly tone” should remain a permanent feature.

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Welcome, Juan! Expertise for a prudent PM


TSCNET Services can introduce a new Project Management Officer (PMO): Juan Ramirez, coming from Colombia. He is part of the Corporate Services team, but will also help with the structuring and management of projects from other teams. The new co-worker brings a lot of experience: Juan has worked in the banking industry for five years as accountant, business administrator, and financial expert in the areas of financial analysis, corporate strategy, and project management. He decided to leave Colombia for Germany to do his Master of Business Administration in Leipzig at the Graduate School of Management (“HHL Leipzig”).

Now he has joined TSCNET Services as PMO. “Working with TSCNET combines three elements that are essential to fulfil my professional and personal ambitions,” says Juan. “Firstly, my role as PMO is not only a fantastic challenge in the face of the company’s rapid growth, it also allows me to contribute my own ideas and also to implement them. Secondly, I am attracted by the amazing work environment with its truly open character and a really international team. And thirdly, I can learn here from an industry that has the power to help shape the future of a country.” As they would say in Colombia: “¡Bienvenido al equipo!”

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Power supply for Team Operations – welcome, Ana!


Apart from being the biggest team at TSCNET Services, Team Operations is also the fastest growing one. Living up to its dynamic reputation, the team has welcomed a new member: Ana Veselinović. Ana started her carrier at the Serbian transmission system operator (TSO), Elektromreza Srbije, right after she had finished her bachelor studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia. During her first year of working in the market division as an administrator of electricity market, she also continued and finished her master studies.

After two and a half years Ana decided to focus her carrier on grid operation and system analysis, so she changed into the Department for system dynamics and studies at the TSO’s System Operation Division. There she was also charged with doing N-1 steady state analysis. “Throughout my career, starting from my studies till this day, I was focused on the transmission system, especially on security and reliability,” says Ana. “Nowadays, with the increasing renewable sources of energy, the security of the grid is one of the biggest challenges – and a great opportunity for people working in the power grid sector.”

Ana is profoundly convinced that TSCNET Services is the best place to attain more knowledge and to work on the pulse of system security and reliability. “I am happy that I’m in a team of experts to learn from and to improve my skills”, says Ana. “This job with its many aspects and new experiences is really a complex one – but it’s no problem if you love it, if you are ready to learn, and if you’re a part of a strong team.” Seeing Ana’s enthusiasm and team spirit, we are sure that we have just welcomed another powerful addition to our staff!


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Big data’s power – welcome, Daniel!


Part of starting a new job is becoming acquainted with fellow workers and customers. At TSCNET Services, we help new hires in assimilating successfully and in getting connected. It gets much easier, if the new staff member takes the initiative and introduces himself.

This is what Daniel Álvaro Morilla, the new Business Analyst in our Business Development team, will do now. Here we go: “I am a 27-year-old power system engineer from Málaga, located in Andalusia in southern Spain,” says Daniel. “I started my career working as a consultant in power grid related projects, which was exactly what I was looking for after graduating. However, one day I received an offer from a consulting firm based in Madrid specialising in business intelligence, analytics, and big data. At that time, this was – and still is – one of hottest and most interesting topics for engineers, so I didn’t have to think twice. Sure enough, it turned out to be a very exciting job , and I’ve learned a lot of skills and had the chance to meet excellent professionals whith different approaches of handling projects.”

While it was a great experience for Daniel to work in this field for well-known companies, there was no connection to the energy industry. So what? “When I was a student,” explains Daniel, “I always wanted to work for REE, the Spanish transmission system operator. The energy sector was always in the back of my head – for sure, sooner or later I would return to it!” Then a friend of him told him about the opening business analyst position at TSCNET. “This was the perfect opportunity to get back into the power field while leveraging my experience across other sectors. What’s even better than working for your national TSO? Working for many TSOs around your continent!”

Daniel is geared up to bring fresh ideas and an outside perspective to the TSCNET Services. “The onboarding at TSCNET has been great so far, everyone has been extremely welcoming and I really enjoy the open office culture and the focus they have on personal development of their staff – it is something you just won’t find in most places.” Big Data is all the buzz these days, but in the end, it’s all about people.


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Team Operations welcomes Jayaram


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”, said Benjamin Franklin, a renowned scientist and one of the Founding Fathers of the USA. The advantage of learning through practice rather than mere theory is a familiar experience to our new co-worker, Jayaram Anandha, who has joined TSCNET Services’ Operations Team as a Data Quality Manager.

During his studies focussed on power engineering, the undaunted young man of Indian descent has served apprenticeships at the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) in Brussels, Belgium, at TSC member TenneT in Bayreuth, Germany, and at several other international organisations, such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Istanbul, Turkey. A deep insight into the TSO business gained by proactiveness and dedication spared Jayaram a both most common and knotty question almost every university graduate is faced with: what now? In his case, the answer was obvious: “After my studies, I am firmly convinced that I want to continue my way in the international transmission grid business,” said Jayaram. “I considered carefully where I can contribute the best, and I view TSCNET Services as something unique in Europe’s grid”, he explains.

Being familiar with working in an international environment, the Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) TSCNET seems to be a perfect step in Jayaram’s career – and his first two weeks with us in Munich corroborate his view. “The company seems to be a supreme example of Europe with colleagues coming from that many different countries and cultures. Furthermore, I believe working at TSCNET is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to contribute significantly to the ongoing European energy transition to an environmentally sound and reliable energy supply.” His enthusiasm is just the thing for his new position as a Data Quality Manager, offering new challenges and learning opportunities. Welcome on board and all the best, Jayaram!

Illustration using a European power transmission grid map of ENTSO-E


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TSCNET welcomes passionate Management Assistant


New hires normally spend their first days reading handbooks, filling out forms, talking to co-workers and trying to keep their heads above water in what is often called the sink or swim game. It is even worse when their job is somehow linked to all the company’s activities with a million and one things going on. This may sound like a cliché, but it describes best the onboarding of Edyta Prościńska, TSCNET’s new Management Assistant.

In the face of the company’s constant increase of activities, services and customers, TSCNET needs additional workforce. “Our extended office provides more space and opportunity for discussions with our shareholders, clients and other stakeholders, and as a result more meetings are hosted at our premises,” says Daan Belgers, Head of Finance & Organisation. “There are many developments we need to plan ahead for. Furthermore, with the increasing maturity of our organisation, the request for internal and external reporting is also strengthened. Therefore, I am especially happy to welcome Edyta to our team!”

“I am excited about the perspective of working in an environment with an international spirit and full of new challenges,” says Edyta, born and raised in Poland. “This place has a lot of energy and a unique atmosphere. Right after my first interview, I was sure that this is the place I was looking for – and that is not only because Munich is an ideal hub for my future travels to the Alps. Becoming a part of the company as a member of the Finance & Organisation team is a great opportunity to develop my professional skills with the guidance of highly-qualified colleagues.”

Edyta brings knowledge in the area of office management and is a talented organiser, who is passionate about working in English and within an international and dynamic group of people. “Well, then TSCNET is the place to be!” says Daan. “I am sure that Edyta will further strengthen the backbone of our local organisation.”


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