ELES presents innovations at ENTSO-E conference


“Alpine Power Links”, this year’s regional conference of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) on 18 April 2018 in Basel, was dedicated to the Alpine region and its importance for the European integrated power system. TSCNET shareholder ELES, the Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO), took the opportunity to present its activities in three different innovative energy and smart grid key projects at European level. In addition to ELES, three further shareholders of TSCNET participated in the event: APG from Austria, Swissgrid from Switzerland, and two of the four German TSOs, Amprion and TransnetBW.

Uroš Salobir, M.Sc., General Coordinator for System Development at ELES, emphasised the significance of the ELES projects in view of a European carbon-free future. The respective projects are: FutureFlow on innovative solutions for cross-border balancing and redispatching, the ELES coordinated smart grid cooperation SINCRO.GRID, which deploys, among other things, compensating devices and innovative data processing methods, and OSMOSE on improving transnational interoperability and the interaction of TSOs and distribution system operators in order to increase the techno-economic potential of flexibility solutions.

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Picture: ELES / ENTSO-E

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ELES launches Strategic Innovation Sector


The growing share of the renewables in the European energy system substantially affects the corporate tasks of transmission system operators (TSOs) and is calling for innovative solutions. Hence, grid operation, grid investments and grid assets management is no longer conceivable without sustained commitment to all questions concerning strategic innovation.

Over the last years, TSC members ELES, the Slovenian TSO, has proven to be a leading European player in terms of strategic innovation. ELES participates with great dedication in innovative energy and smart grid key projects on a European Community level such as NEDO, SINCRO.GRID, FutureFlow, SUMO and MIGRATE. To enforce and to bundle the company’s engagement in strategic innovation, mag. Aleksander Mervar, Director of ELES, has introduced a particularly designed Strategic Innovation Sector. The appointed Director of this challenging new company division is Mag. Uroš Salobir.

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