ELES presents innovations at ENTSO-E conference


“Alpine Power Links”, this year’s regional conference of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) on 18 April 2018 in Basel, was dedicated to the Alpine region and its importance for the European integrated power system. TSCNET shareholder ELES, the Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO), took the opportunity to present its activities in three different innovative energy and smart grid key projects at European level. In addition to ELES, three further shareholders of TSCNET participated in the event: APG from Austria, Swissgrid from Switzerland, and two of the four German TSOs, Amprion and TransnetBW.

Uroš Salobir, M.Sc., General Coordinator for System Development at ELES, emphasised the significance of the ELES projects in view of a European carbon-free future. The respective projects are: FutureFlow on innovative solutions for cross-border balancing and redispatching, the ELES coordinated smart grid cooperation SINCRO.GRID, which deploys, among other things, compensating devices and innovative data processing methods, and OSMOSE on improving transnational interoperability and the interaction of TSOs and distribution system operators in order to increase the techno-economic potential of flexibility solutions.

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Picture: ELES / ENTSO-E

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The alpine core of integration


In 2018, ENTSO-E calls for Basel! This year’s regional conference of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity on 18 April 2018 is devoted to the Alpine region. Geographically, the Alps separate southern Europe from central Europe, but with regard to the integration of the European electricity system, the region does not play a separating, but a unifying role.

It was the “Star of Laufenburg”, the first interconnection of the German, French, and Swiss electricity grids, that marked the birth of the integrated network operation in Europe in 1958. The Laufenburg substation in the Swiss canton of Aargau is still one of the largest substations in Europe, which connects electrical networks of several countries. And even before that, the Alps have set the scene for yet another milestone in the history of electricity: In 1929, the world’s oldest interconnection for electric current, the so-called “North-South Powerline” (also known as “Rheinlandleitung” in German speaking countries), was completed. The historical power line linked the Alpine hydro-reserves with the industrial coal areas in the German Ruhr district over a length of 600km.

But also and specifically with an eye on the future, there are many good reasons for ENTSO-E to go alpine. Among the topics of the “Alpine Power Links” conference, that takes place in the northern Swiss city of Basel, are the region’s possible contributions to the power market integration or a training on network codes. Seven transmission system operators (TSOs) with control areas located at least partially in alpine regions participate in the event. Four of these are shareholders of TSCNET: APG from Austria, ELES from Slovenia, Swissgrid from Switzerland, and two of the four German TSOs, Amprion and TransnetBW.

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Bridging the east-west-divide


The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) hosts its second of three regional conferences in 2016 on 23 September in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The “Central East European Regional Conference” is devoted to the opportunities of an extended regional and supra-regional cooperation for the European electricity market from the perspective of Central Eastern Europe. The status, the progress and the perspectives of the power market integration between Central Eastern and Central Europe – 27 years after the end of the cold war – are the primary topics of the event.

Among ENTSO-E’s partners in the organisation of the event are the Slovakian Ministry of Economy, the Florence School of Regulation and several transmission system operators (TSOs) including eight TSC members: 50Hertz, one of the four German TSOs, the Austrian operator APG, the Czech TSO ČEPS, ELES from Slovenia, the Croatian TSO HOPS, the Hungarian Company MAVIR, PSE from Poland, and the Dutch-German TSO TenneT.

Numerous high-profile representatives from European and national politics, authorities, companies and associations contribute as speakers to the conference. Naturally, top executives from all the participating TSC members are to be found on the prestigious speaker’s list. Siem Bruijns, Managing Director of TSCNET Services, is also to make a contribution to the conference.

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