ČEPS grows with its challenges


Czech transmission system operator (TSO) and TSC member ČEPS is satisfied with the development of the company in the third quarter of 2016. The TSO’s main outcome in this period is the extension of the national transmission grid by nearly 180km. In September, ČEPS successfully put two new power lines into operation: One line from northwest to central Bohemia, connecting the substations Výškov and Čechy Střed, and another line from Krasíkov to Horní Životice linking the Olomouc to the Moravian-Silesian region.

According to Jan Kalina, Chairman of the ČEPS Board of Directors, the power line in Bohemia ensures “the reliable capacity transfer from both existing and prospective generation sources.” Furthermore, it can be regarded as part of a defense system against overflows from Germany. Further important instruments of the transnational grid stability management are the four phase-shifting transformers (PSTs) for the northern Bohemian substation in Hradec u Kadaně. Although only three of them have been delivered in early June (the fourth did not pass the ČEPS acceptance tests at the Italian manufacturing site), the installation of the three delivered PSTs has been completed by the ČEPS engineers. The PSTs are the primary tool of ČEPS to avoid cross-border redispatching in the future. Redispatch measures are effective in securing grid stability but extremely expensive. For several times in the third quarter of 2016, multilateral redispatching has been necessary involving the Czech, Austrian and German transmission systems.

From January to September 2016, ČEPS transferred a total of 43,077GWh of electric energy. In financial terms – with profits reaching CZK 1.6bn (about €59m) – the third quarter of 2016 met the company’s expectations. What is more, the company succesfully entered into the bond market of the Prague Stock Exchange. On 30 September, ČEPS issued bonds with a total face value of CZK 500m. The carefully planned bond output belongs to a long-term strategy. Jan Kalina explains the modus operandi of the Czech TSO: “Upgrade and development of the transmission system and its safe operation, which is our first priority, is impossible without efficient collection of the foreign resources needed to finance our investment program.”

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German-Polish power flow improved


TSC members PSE and 50Hertz, the Polish transmission system operator (TSO) and one of the four German TSOs, issued a joint press release yesterday to inform about a “milestone for improved power flow regulation between German and Polish electricity systems”. Four so-called phase shifting transformers (PST) at the PSE substation in Mikułowa in south-western Poland allow to control the real power flow in the southern German-Polish interconnection. The northern interconnection between Vierraden (Germany) and Krajnik (Poland) will have to be disconnected temporarily for necessary construction works and a better load flow regulation.

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PSTs for Czech-German connection


A phase-shifting transformer allows to control the power flow through specific power lines in a power transmission network. TSC member 50Hertz, on of the German transmission system operators (TSOs), issued a press release reporting the permission of German authorities to build phase-shifting transformers (PSTs) between the Czech Republic and Germany. Pre-construction preparation will already begin within the next weeks.

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ČEPS initiates PST


For the first time, the Czech transmission system operator (TSO) ČEPS today laid the foundation stone for phase shifting transformers (PSTs) near the Kadaň electric station. PSTs enable TSOs to control the power flow by regulating the voltage phase angle difference between input and output.

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Polish-German Agreement


Transmission system operators PSE (Poland) and 50Hertz (Germany) signed an Agreement on the Operation of Phase Shifting Transformers (PST) in Warsaw, the Polish capital. PSE commited to install physical Phase Shifting Transformers (pPST) in the Mikułowa substation to strengthen system security. 50Hertz will install pPSTs in Vierraden substation.

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