Welcome as 15th shareholder, Transelectrica!


TSCNET Services is pleased to announce a customer and close partner as a new shareholder: Transelectrica S.A. (Compania Nationala de Transport al Energiei Electrice), the Romanian state majority-owned transmission system operator (TSO) for electricity, is now the fifteenth shareholder of TSCNET. “Bine ați venit!” – welcome!

With the entry of Romania, which became member of the European Union in 2007, TSCNET will provide grid security services to the TSOs of twelve European countries. “Since the Romanian grid already is an integrated part of the European transmission network, Transelectrica plays an important role in the further development of security of supply in south-eastern Europe,” says Maik Neubauer, Managing Director of TSCNET Services.

The Romanian electricity transmission grid consists of 8,759km of overhead lines. “Being a shareholder, allows Transelectrica active involvement in the further development of TSCNET Services as one of the largest European RSCs. This step is also part of a natural and necessary evolution for Romanian Power sector on the European energy map in the context of the implementation of the new model of the internal electricity market, of the European network codes and in the perspective of the Clean Energy Package,” says Adrian Constantin Rusu, the Chief Executive Officer of Transelectrica.

TSCNET Services welcomes Transelectrica as its fifteenth shareholder

> Open TSCNET Services press release (pdf, 119kb)

Christoph Meinersmann, Communications/PR (external consultant)
E-mail: c.meinersmann@extern-tscnet.eu

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Doris Barnert joins Supervisory Board


Doris Barnert, Head of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer of Swissgrid, the Swiss electricity transmission system operator (TSO), has been appointed a member of the Supervisory Board of TSCNET Services, the Munich-based Regional Security Coordinators (RSC) for the European electricity transmission grid.

“As an RSC, TSCNET plays an important role in the secure operation of the European transmission network. We welcome Swissgrid’s commitment and the expansion of financial competence represented on our board,” said Dr. Rainer Pflaum, Chairman of the TSCNET Supervisory Board, who has been a member of the Management Board of the German TSO TransnetBW since 2010. The TSCNET Supervisory Board consists of representatives of a group of 14 European Transmission System Operators who are the shareholders of TSCNET Services GmbH.

Doris Barnert graduated as an architect from ETH Zurich and holds an MAS in Corporate Finance and an Executive MBA HSG. On 1 April 2017 she was appointed member of the Executive Board and Chief Financial Officer of Swissgrid. “The increasing importance of the RSCs in Europe and the central role of Switzerland in the European transmission grid will make this supervisory role an interesting opportunity to support the further development of TSCNET Services,” said Ms Barnert.

Doris Barnert, Head of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer of Swissgrid, has been appointed a member of the Supervisory Board of TSCNET Services.

> Open TSCNET news release (pdf, 119kB)

Christoph Meinersmann, Communications/PR (external consultant)
E-mail: c.meinersmann@extern-tscnet.eu

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Luxembourgian TSO welcomed as new client


TSCNET Services has signed a service-level agreement (SLA) with Creos Luxembourg (www.creos-net.lu), the national electricity and gas grid operator. Creos manages 585km of power transmission lines within the country. The service package consists mainly of security sssessment services for forecasting electricity flows and potential congestions within Luxembourg and at the main connection line to neighbouring electricity networks.

A recent interconnection project at Creos using the existing 220kV grid infrastructure and a new 400MW phase shifting transformer (PST) to interconnect the Belgian grid (Elia) with the Luxembourgish grid (Creos) and thus interconnecting the German and the Belgian control block makes cross-border coordination even more necessary. TSCNET Services supports Creos in maintaining the operational security of the electricity system.

“Treat a new client like the most important one” – that’s what many business consultants recommend. For TSCNET Services, this is not the point. For us, it is about guiding a new client successfully through the same security-relevant processes as any other client. With Creos, everything went flawlessly! On the 11th of October, the new client participated in the joint security assessment processes for the first time.

The other TSCNET customers will also profit from the agreement: The representation of the Luxembourgian transmission grid in the increasingly harmonised European data models will be more precise and reliable.

> Open TSCNET Services press release (pdf, 217kb)

Image on the right: Creos Luxembourg S. A.


Impressions from the successful Creos go-live training and preparatory meetings


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Coreso and TSCNET Services sign agreement


According to a joint press release issued today, the two European Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) Coreso and TSCNET Services have concluded a Cooperation Framework Agreement aimed at strengthening their cooperation in assisting transmission system operators (TSOs) in their task of maintaining the operational security of the electricity system. Under this arrangement following the “System Operations Guideline” proposed by the European Commission and approved by the Member States, Coreso and TSCNET agree to set up an efficient cooperation structure and to work out initiatives to mainly

  • share existing tools, methods, and procedures of either Coreso or TSCNET
  • operate services alternately or cooperatively
  • jointly optimise services and tools for TSOs and to develop new ones.

The agreement paves the way for the two service companies representing 19 TSOs from 16 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) to further enhance coordination at a regional level.

“TSCNET has already worked closely with Coreso, and I’m delighted to further strengthen our partnership,” said Siem Bruijns, Managing Director at TSCNET Services. “The agreement greatly increases our potential for positive outcomes for security and efficiency of the power system in Europe. It is essential to make the best use of generation facilities, and to establish a framework through which we can more easily collaborate and share information.”

The CEO of Coreso, Jean-François Gahungu, explained: “The role of Regional Security Coordinators is to provide coordination services to Transmission System Operators. Therefore, the establishment of this partnership is an important milestone. Indeed, it will enable an efficient cooperation between our two companies and will contribute to enhance the services we provide to TSOs to help them maintaining the operational security of the electricity system. As our on-going commitment is to always improve our coordination services, I am convinced this partnership will constitute a good way to foster efficiency.”

Europe’s RSC model
The European energy system is characterised by a steadily growing share of renewable energies. The situation necessitates a deep coordination between operators facilitated by RSCs. As an essential feature of the European power system, RSCs enable TSOs to better identify threats to secure system operations and to adjust measures to mitigate these risks. Coreso and TSCNET Services were the first RSCs set up. By the end of 2017, the whole European grid should be covered by a total of six RSCs.

RSCs perform services for the TSOs, such as operational planning security analysis, outage planning coordination, coordinated capacity calculation, short-term and very short-term adequacy forecasts, and a common grid model with hourly updates. The RSCs’ work increases efficiency in system operation, minimises risks of wide area events, such as brownouts or blackouts, and lower costs through maximised availability of transmission capacity to market participants.

> Open Coreso and TSCNET Services press release (pdf, 185 kb)


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TSC and TSCNET Services launch strategy


The Cooperation Board of the Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation (TSC) approved the strategy for TSC and the joint service company of the TSC members, TSCNET Services GmbH, for the 2016-2020 period. Through TSCNET, TSC aims at facilitating the cooperation of its TSO partners and other regional security coordination initiatives (RSCIs) by providing high quality services in order to enhance power system security in continental Europe. For this purpose, TSCNET cooperates closely with existing RSCIs and supports the establishment of new RSCIs. The major elements of TSCNET’s strategy follow three priorities:

(1) Best-in-class services for Europe’s capacity management process

(2) Seamless cooperation with other RSCIs (e.g. Coreso, based in Brussels) all over Europe

(3) Elevation of organisational performance in accordance with ENTSO-E policies

Under the updated strategy, TSCNET Services plans to become a consolidated, centralised pre- and post-coupling platform offering integrated forecasting services with security assessment and capacity calculation. Non-member TSOs can procure TSCNET’s services against payment of a fee. In principle, TSOs stay solely responsible for any grid measure.

TSC aspires the highest level of system security based on enhanced regional coordination. Especially regarding capacity calculations and security assessment, TSCNET maintains a close, wide-ranging cooperation with Coreso, SSC, and other RSCIs.

The new strategy results from a multi-level origination process involving all TSC TSOs and TSCNET Services, and lasting several months. An implementation roadmap describes the steps necessary to realise the ambitious strategic targets.

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Hungary has a full charge


TSCNET Services announces another successful “Live Kick-off”: Hungary’s transmission system operator (TSO), MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd., started to participate in every standard process of the TSO Security Cooperation (TSC) and to make full use of all the services provided by TSCNET including the Daily Operational Planning Teleconference (DOPT) and the daily Day-Ahead Congestion Forecast (DACF).

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More efficiency in Switzerland


The Swiss transmission system operator (TSO) and TSC member Swissgrid welcomes the results of the consultation process for the national grid strategy, which ended last week. The strategy is supposed to establish an appropriate process for the broadly coordinated grid planning and to allow a more efficient organisation of the approval procedures.

> Open Swissgrid press release (pdf, 26 kb)

Graphics using a press picture from Swissgrid

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Repair work in Hungary getting on well


In December 2014, two transmission lines were damaged in Hungary due to extreme weather conditions. Now the restoration process reaches its final phase, announced MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company in a press release today. The Ócsa–Zugló 220 kV and the Albertirsa–Göd 400 kV transmission are expected to return to operation by June or July 2015.

> Open Mavir press release (pdf, 346 kb)

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Opening in Munich


TSC representatives meet with regulatory authorities and partner bodies in Munich, Germany, to inaugurate the very atmospheric Grand Opening of the TSC TSOs – Joint Office. The new Joint Office means a big step towards higher efficiency and better quality due to closer coordination and collaboration.

The photo shows (left to right) Ben Voorhorst (COO of TenneT), Alexander Wirth (TSC Operational Manager) and Rudolf Baumann (Chairman of the TSC Steering Committee) with a golden key at the opening ceremony.

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> Watch our video about the Grand Opening:

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