The power of data in Gothenburg


OSIsoft is a well-known manufacturer of application software for real-time data management, called PI System. On the second day of this year’s OSIsoft “PI World” user conference in mid-September in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city, the focus was on utilities and energy management in particular. One of the speakers on this day was Gábor Bús, Lead Data Visualisation & Analyses in our Service Operations business unit.

The topic of the Hungarian-born was “The Power of a Single Integrated Database”. He drew attention to the great responsibility of the 43 power transmission system operators (TSOs) in Europe. TSCNET Services enables them to bridge the huge differences in the characteristics and processing of their vast amounts of data. Several applications are hosted in different environments and work with different virtual identifiers that refer to the same physical network element, such as power lines or substations. Only the standardisation of the virtual identifiers and their storage in a single integrated data system makes it possible to use them effectively.

On the basis of predefined use cases, the experts at TSCNET have developed a total of 205 analysis templates, 13 notification templates, eight PI Vision displays and two ProcessBook displays to support and raise the efficiency of the operational activities. An early warning system for the Congestion Management service is also constantly being experimented with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Gábor’s presentation and a recording of the speech are available freely.

At this year’s OSIsoft “PI World” in Gothenburg, Gábor Bús held a presentation on “The Power of a Single Integrated Database”

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ENTSO-E’s first regional conference in Vilnius


300 delegates participated in the “Baltic Power Conference” on 1 June in Vilnius, Lithuania. The first regional conference of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) was co-organised by the transmission system operators (TSOs) of Lithuania (Litgrid), Estonia (Elering) and Latvia (Augstsprieguma tīkls). Among the speakers – mainly high level representatives of TSOs, national authorities and ministries – was also Alexander Wirth, one of TSCNET’s Managing Directors.

The conference focused on possible connections of the Baltic power system to the other parts of Europe and on methods of regional integration. The ideal future vision of the Baltic electricity market resembles a bridge between eastern and western Europe. Moreover, ENTSO-E used the opportunity to present its concept of policy regions, imagined to bundle up political, regulatory, technical and commercial competences. Policy regions would be beneficial for efficient electricity markets. According to Konstantin Staschus, Secretary-General of ENTSO-E, the TSOs and ENTSO-E could “support the policy regions with technical analysis and advice”.

To further improve the role of the TSOs within this concept, Bente Hagem, Chair of the Board of ENTSO-E, considers more cooperation among TSOs themselves as essential. “Developing regional cooperation”, adds Peder Andreasen, President of ENTSO-E, will promote “security of supply, market and renewables integration”.

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TSCNET at “APG grid circle”


Today, Austrian born Marlene Petz and Philipp Kmeth from TSCNET Services were guests of the transmission system operator (TSO) APG at the occasional information exchange forum “APG grid circle” in Vienna, Austria. Both of them came from APG when they started to work at TSCNET, the TSC TSOs – Joint Office at that time, in the mid of 2013. They did not only introduce the TSO Security Cooperation (TSC) and TSCNET Services, but also provided insight into their daily work, including working principles, the consistent working group structure, and the complex TSC processes moderated by the operators.

The presentation was followed by an animated discussion with the audience about the advantages for APG as a member of TSC and one of TSCNET’s shareholders. Among the issues raised were the challenges APG faces as a centrally located TSO in the european transmission grid and that have to be met in close coordination between all the neighbouring TSOs involved. The conversation also covered APG’s role as one of the catalysers in the TSC community for developing services and processes.

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Energy Community in Vienna


Today the 1st meeting of the Electricity Sub Group of the Security of Supply Coordination Group starts in Vienna, Austria, chaired by the European Commission. One of the speakers is Rudolf Baumann, the former Chairman of the TSC Steering Committee coming from Swissgrid. His presentation will cover TSCNET Services and discuss TSC as a Regional Security Coordination Initiative (RSCI).

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