A polyglot with communicative power


“You’ll never find one like that – you’ll have to bake one yourself first,” one of the team members interjected when we talked about the ideal candidate for the position of a working student for corporate communications and PR at TSCNET Services. And today? We seem to have found him! Marcos Moschovidis has been on board with us for a few weeks now and is demonstrating his potential in external and internal communications in a pretty impressive way.

Primarily, the 26-year-old is currently completing his master’s degree in politics and technology at the Technical University of Munich. So, the first special feature: While most people in the PR industry prefer lifestyle topics and are at best open to technical issues, our newcomer really understands them. Number two: He fits in one-to-one with the diversity in our company and the European spirit: Marcos grew up in Germany as the son of a Greek father – which is why the “s” in his first name is not pronounced – and a Croatian mother and has a deep personal passion for Europe.

Around the globe…
Let us take a look at a few details from Marcos’ CV. As part of his studies, he was a visiting researcher at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and participated in an exchange programme with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for several months. He also completed a traineeship with a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels and worked for the non-profit consulting firm Bavarian Research Alliance in the Department of Environment, Energy, and Bioeconomy in Munich. During this time, he gained valuable experience in informing the public on a variety of EU-related topics via on- and offline tools. This explains why besides classical communication tools he also is skilled in social media. For instance, he very successfully launched his own information project “EU FOR YOU” on Instagram to encourage young citizens to participate in the European elections. Within three months, the project reached millions of people and was mentioned in various media such as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” or the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation.

At TSCNET, Marcos will be active in all areas of communication from corporate design and presentations to website and social media channels. He is already very keen, Marcos says, “to persuade the audience of the importance of cooperation and coordination to maintain the world’s largest synchronous power grid”. He will not lack the energy and courage to do so. If so, his Croatian relatives might have the right proverb for him: “A person is worth as much as the number of languages he speaks”. And from Greece, too, there is an appropriate saying: “Here is Rhodes, jump here!” – now prove what you can do. No matter what Marcos will listen to: His new colleagues and the company’s so-called dialogue groups can already look forward to discovering even more special features of this multi-talented man.

Marcos Moschovidis has joined TSCNET Services as a working student for communications and PR

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ElSeC 2017 turned into great success


After long and intensive preparations, ElSeC 2017, the highly anticipated Conference on Electricity Security Coordination, yesterday took finally place at the “Literaturhaus” in the very heart of the Bavarian capital of Munich. ElSeC 2017 was hosted by TSCNET Services, the Munich-based Regional Security Coordinator (RSC), and co-organised by ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. The event was attended by nearly 100 leaders from European regulatory and political authorities, security initiatives and – this goes without saying – many different transmission system operators (TSOs).

ElSeC 2017 was organised by TSCNET in cooperation with Realize, one of the leading local event agencies. The conference was moderated by Melinda Crane, an experienced TV anchor, and a frequent guest and commentator on television. Marc Elsberg, the bestselling Austrian author of the disaster thriller “Blackout: Tomorrow Will Be Too Late.” about a power grids collapse across Europe, made a dramatically staged appearance along with – there are no marks for guessing! – a power outage. ElSeC 2017 had a powerful lineup of speakers and speeches:

  1. Welcoming Speech, Maik Neubauer, TSCNET Services, Managing Director
  2. “Our Vision for Europe’s Power System”, Ben Voorhorst, TenneT, Chief Operating Officer, and ENTSO-E President
  3. “Regional Security Coordination – Living the Strategy!”, Joachim Vanzetta, ENTSO-E, Chair System Operations Committee
  4. “Demonstration of Regional Solutions for Grid Security – Renewables Case”, Gerhard Christiner, APG, Chief Technical Officer, and Dirk Biermann, 50Hertz, Chief of Markets and System Operations
  5. “Demonstration of Regional Solutions for Grid Security – Increased Cooperation also in Case of Critical Grid Situations”, Chris Peeters, ELIA Group, Chief Executive Officer, and Jean-François Gahungu, Coreso, Chief Executive Officer
  6. “The full Roll-Out of RSC Services”, Jean-Philippe Paul, RTE, Operation Senior Advisor
  7. “Perspectives on the Institutional Framework – perspectives of the European Commission”, Matti Supponen, European Commission, Directorate-General of Energy
  8. “Perspectives on the Institutional Framework – perspectives of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators”, Uroš Gabrijel, ACER, System Operation & Grid Connection Network Codes
  9. “Perspectives of the Pentalateral Energy Forum”, Frederik Deloof, Benelux Union, General Secretariat
  10. Panel discussion “The Organisation of the European Power Grid in 2030” with Jens Møller Birkebæk (Nordic Regional Security Coordinator), Frederik Deloof (Benelux Union), Annegret Groebel (Council of European Energy Regulators), Juan José Alba Rios (Chairman Markets Committee, EURELECTRIC), Laurent Schmitt (ENTSO-E, Secretary General), and Matti Supponen (European Commission)
  11. Closing speech, Ben Voorhorst, TenneT, Chief Operating Officer, and ENTSO-E, President

The ElSeC Conference Dinner took place in the “Burger & Lobster Bank“, within close walking distance from the conference location. The evening before ElSeC, all particpants were invited to an Open Evening at the TSCNET premises.

All in all, ElSeC 2017 turned out just as the organisers had hoped for: The atmosphere was relaxed but highly professional, the presentations were intriguing, and the discussions were vivacious and offered plenty of room for both, constructive controversy and productive consensus.

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Impressions from the first Conference on Electricity Security Coordination, ElSeC 2017


Impressions from the ElSeC 2017 Conference Dinner


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Corporate video on services, resources, and values


TSCNET Services is pleased to announce it has released the company’s first corporate video. The video showcases TSCNET’s core services (“Coordinated Capacity Calculation”, “Coordinated Security Analysis”, “Outage Planning Coordination”, “Short, Very Short and Medium Term Adequacy Forecasts”, and “Improved Individual Grid Models” and “Common Grid Model”) for transmission system operators (TSOs) and highlights the employees, our expertise, and our corporate values (customer orientation, integrity, passion, quality, and speak-up mentality). It is also intended to give customers, partners, and potential employees an inside look at our day-to-day operations.

The 3.47-minute video using real employees shares what we believe, not just what we do. It was shot with the most advanced filming technologies across the TSCNET premises in Munich, Germany, by KieferNümann, a both experienced and renowned local film production. The development started at the end of this spring and was developed in about three months. For a bird’s eye view of the 14-storeyed building in which our office is located, drones were called in. Watch our corporate video and get a glimpse of the TSCNET spirit.

TSCNET Services, Corporate Video (October 2017)


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Shooting to tell TSCNET’s story


As a joint venture of thirteen power transmission system operators (TSOs) and one of Europe’s Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs), we at TSCNET Services feel obliged not only to our customers, shareholders, and employees, but also to the European society. We want to tell who we are and how we contribute to our customers’ success. For the first time in our four-year history, we decided to get our message out and to connect with our audience by a corporate video. Following a script based on a clear concept, we hired the well-known German film production firm KieferNümann to create an entertaining, informative, and factful short video.

Last week, TSCNET’s busy 24/7 office premises had been turned into a film set – while fully operating! Thank heaven, we only had one day of shooting – lasting from half past seven in the morning until half past nine at night. The only stars: our staff! It was not about professional acting, but passion, authenticity, and keeping it real. Using TSCNET employees was the best way to give our audience an inside look at the company and its culture on a more personal level.

Our first corporate video will have its world premiere at the Open Evening at TSCNET premises on the 16th of October, the day before the international Conference on Electricity and Security Coordination (ElSeC) in Munich, hosted by TSCNET Services and co-organised by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). One more reason to look forward to ElSeC 2017!


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Communications’ Tools


Most of the European countries pursue a grid extension strategy. As other infrastructure projects, the expansion of the power grid needs cooperation among the stakeholders. The new “Grid Infrastructure Communications Toolkit”, provided by the European Union, with many helpful tips and practice examples helps to develop effective PR strategies and campaigns.

> See Toolkit website

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Welcome to our new website


We are pleased to announce the relaunch of the TSC website (tscnet.eu). We did not only refresh the design and implement a slicker, more advanced technical platform with a streamlined navigation. The site is designed to look and work best in the latest version of all major browsers. Additionally we have introduced a more lively and dynamic “Latest” section which will keep you informed.

The new site is a work in progress. Step by step we will rework and complement the content. We appreciate your patience during this process and kindly ask you to check back regularly for updates.

We know how busy people in our business usually are – but if you have a minute, have a browse and see what you think. We’d welcome any feedback and thoughts. If you miss any information, please let us know. Your comments, improvement suggestions and complaints will help us shape the further evolution of TSC’s online presence.

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