New hires: Heroic rendezvous in Service Operations


It sounds like a brilliant mastermind with exceptional electromagnetic abilities in a superhero movie, but with a little goodwill you could say that he now works for TSCNET Services: Dr. Power (he usually prefers not to use any titles at all – also because they tend to be longer than his name, as he admits with a twinkle in his eye). We are talking about Martin Zak from Czechia, who hired as Junior Operations Manager in the Business Unit Service Operations. The 27-year-old has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and emergency medicine (and yes, he knows how strange this combination is). He comes from the other side of the desk and has worked as a control centre operator for our customer and shareholder ČEPS in Prague. So the die-hard board game fan has already known many of his new colleagues, and he is also very familiar with the topics of network security and operating principles.

Another new member of the Service Operations team is Jorge Alves. The 33-year-old Portuguese with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a major in Power Systems from the University of Porto previously worked as a High Voltage Network Operator at EDP Distribuição. His wife went to Germany for her doctorate as a biologist. When their son was born, Jorge followed his wife to the north and applied as Operations Manager to TSCNET. His greatest hobby is surfing, and even though the waves there are considerably smaller than on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, he is already eager for the famous river surfing on Munich’s Eisbach. On the one hand, this certainly helps as balance to office work, but on the other it seems to awaken the fighting spirit – Jorge’s superhero counterpart, the famous Silver Surfer, was known for that: “Others may battle with victory in sight – but the Surfer still strives when all hope is gone!”

The third newcomer in the group is Jonas Häusler, a 25-year-old Franconian from Erlangen near Nuremberg with a master’s degree in mathematics and power grid optimisation as his thesis topic. He starts as Junior Operations Manager and wants to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible and complement the team in the further “evolution of the European power system” with his special perspective of a strictly abstract and analytically thinking mathematician. But he has even more knowledge and experience to offer, and that falls under a term that best suits the world of superheroes: Jonas is a true Master of Disaster! As part of his many years of voluntary work for a German aid organisation, he has also worked as an instructor for disaster control units. Although TSCNET and our customers want to avoid catastrophes by all means his expertise is also extremely valuable – professionals agree that there is hardly anything as helpful in avoiding crises as the experience from crises that have already been mastered.

We wish all three new members of the team such a good start in our company, that all possible superhero forces can be fully channelled into the European power grid!

Fresh engagements for Service Operations (from the left): Martin Zak, Jorge Alves, and Jonas Häusler (picture: TSCNET Services)

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