Dr Werner Götz confirmed as CEO of TransnetBW


Since 2015, Dr. Werner Götz has been a member of the Executive Board of TSCNET shareholder TransnetBW and has chaired the Board since 2017. The Supervisory Board of the southwest German transmission system operator (TSO) has now reappointed Dr. Götz to this position and provided him with a new contract until 2025.

Dr. Hans-Josef Zimmer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TransnetBW and CTO of EnBW AG, recognises Dr Götz as the “experienced and determined manager” who is needed for the “major energy transition projects in the years ahead” and for fulfilling the core tasks of a TSO: reliable power supply at all times.

TransnetBW has reappointed Dr Werner Götz as CEO (picture: TransnetBW)

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Tim Meyerjürgens appointed as new COO of TenneT


When it was made known that Wilfried Breuer, one of the two Chief Operations Officers (COO) of TSCNET shareholder TenneT, would leave the company with effect from 1 April 2019, the Supervisory Board of the Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO) has commenced a thorough search for an adequate successor. Now Tim Meyerjürgens has been appointed COO of TenneT Holding BV alongside Ben Voorhorst.

Both the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board are pleased to have found in Tim Meyerjürgens a candidate within the company who, with 23 years of experience in the energy sector, possesses a broad technical and operational expertise. Throughout the current month, Tim Meyerjürgens and Wilfried Breuer will be working closely together to ensure a seamless handover.

Tim Meyerjürgens is appointed new COO of TenneT (illustartion based on pictures from Tennet)

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Golletz appointed interim CEO at 50Hertz


TSCNET shareholder 50Hertz, one of the four German transmission system operators (TSOs), is continuing its search for a permanent successor to Boris Schucht, CEO of the TSO, who will resign at the end of February 2019. Meanwhile, the 50Hertz Board of Directors has found a suitable temporary in-house solution and appointed the 50Hertz CTO Dr. Frank Golletz as interim CEO. He will combine his new role with his other duties as CTO.

Dr. Golletz has been a member of the Executive Committee of 50Hertz since 2011. He was previously Head of Assets  / Grid Projects and authorised officer. After his PhD in electrical engineering, he began his professional career at the Dresden Institute for Energy Supply (now DNV-GL) and also held managerial positions for the former German utility company VEAG. Chris Peeters, Chairman of the 50Hertz Board of Directors, expressed his appreciation for having “such a qualified and experienced leader on board to steer 50Hertz through the coming months”. Dr. Golletz commented that he felt honoured by the vote of confidence and thanked Boris Schucht for the “wonderful cooperation during the past nine years”.

Dr. Frank Golletz is appointed as interim CEO of 50Hertz (picture: 50Hertz / Jan Pauls)

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Martin Durčák elected as new ČEPS Chairman


Ing. Martin Durčák has been a member of the Board of Directors at TSCNET shareholder ČEPS, the Czech transmission system operator (TSO), since November 2018, where he was responsible for Economics as well as Information and Communications Technology. Last week, Mr Durčák was elected Chairman of the Board. “I really appreciate the Board of Directors’ trust and the opportunity to preside over a company with such strategic importance to the flawless functioning of the whole country’s economy,” comments Mr Durčák on his election.

Martin Durčák started his career in controlling and project management at Aral in Austria, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. As CEO of Aral he joined the UNIPETROL holding company after the takeover of Aral. Durčák belonged to the Board of Directors of the parent company of the UNIPETROL Group before joining ČEPS. He was also executive manager of UNIPETROL RPA.

Prague-based ČEPS has elected Martin Durčák as new Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Lex Hartman resigns and TenneT adjusts management structures


On 1 January 2019, personnel and structural changes at management level took effect at TSCNET shareholder TenneT, the Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO). To begin with, Managing Director Lex Hartman resigns from the Executive Boards of TenneT TSO GmbH and TenneT TSO B.V. In addition, the company’s governance structure, related to the ongoing process of refining TenneT’s development strategy, will be adapted to better achieve the TSO’s future objectives.

TenneT CEO Manon van Beek wholeheartedly thanks Lex Hartman for his “major contributions in the Executive Board to the development of TenneT” and especially emphasised his significant role for “the improvement of TenneT’s visibility and reputation in Germany”. Lex Hartman, who began his career with TenneT in 1999 and held various positions during his long term of office, has been a member of the Executive Board of TenneT Holding BV since 2008 and of TenneT TSO GmbH since 2010. Mr. Hartmann indicates the need for a personal change after more than 10 years “as a board member for this fantastic company” and further comments: “I am grateful that TenneT gave me the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society.” However, Hartman will continue to serve the Executive Board as a strategic advisor.

As far as the new board structure is concerned, the Executive Board of TenneT Holding BV now consists of four directors: Manon van Beek (CEO), Otto Jager (CFO) and two COOs, Ben Voorhorst and Wilfried Breuer. The nomination of Wilfried Breuer is only temporary, as he has decided to accept a position as Technical Director at a manufacturer of power engineering technology. TenneT thanks Mr Breuer for his substantial contributions and commitment. In the first quarter of 2019, he will continue to work with the TSO, while the search for his successor has already begun.

Lex Hartman resigns from the Executive Boards of TenneT (picture: TenneT)

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Thomas Egebo appointed CEO of Energinet


At the helm of TSCNET shareholder Energinet, a change of personnel is pending, as long-time President and CEO Peder Østermark Andreasen has decided to retire after 13 years of successfully managing the Danish transmission system operator (TSO). As successor to Mr. Andreasen, the Supervisory Board of Energinet now has designated Thomas Egebo, who will take over his duties as early as 1 May 2018. Thomas Egebo comes from top level politics to Energinet, holding the position of Permanent Secretary in the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate.

Given Energinet’s important role in the Danish and European energy sector, Lars Barfoed, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, emphasises the high degree of responsibility that the company’s CEO has to shoulder, especially in times of a rapidly changing energy system. In this regard, Mr Barfoed praises the very strong professional profile and extensive experience of Thomas Egebo, who himself outlines Energinet’s mission as managing and expanding “socially critical energy infrastructure”, ensuring “high security of supply and well-functioning electricity and gas markets”, and supporting an “efficient transition to clean energy”.

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Picture: Maria Tuxen Hedegaard / Energinet

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Manon van Beek to become new CEO of TenneT


The Supervisory Board of TSCNET shareholder TenneT Holding B.V., the Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO), has designated Manon van Beek as new CEO. On 1 September 2018, van Beek will supersede long-time CEO Mel Kroon, who has been successfully directing the company for sixteen years. “Under his inspiring leadership TenneT has become the leading TSO in north-west Europe”, comments Pieter Verboom, Chair of the Supervisory Board. Mr. Verboom at the same time expresses his unrestricted trust in van Beek’s management skills: “With her proven leadership qualities we have every confidence that TenneT will continue playing a prominent role in the energy transition.”

Manon van Beek currently is the Country Managing Director of Accenture B.V. Netherlands and before has been responsible for Accenture’s utilities portfolio for many years. That is why Mrs van Beek has deep experience in the utility industry, digital technologies and innovation. Manon van Beek is looking forward to her commitment to TenneT with great anticipation: “I consider it a privilege to lead TenneT in a decade in which I believe the acceleration towards a sustainable energy system will be developed and implemented.”

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Picture: TenneT

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Farewell to our Managing Director Siem Bruijns


For many of us, the new year is a time of change – new goals, new ideas, new challenges. This applies even more this year to us at TSCNET Services, as we had to bid goodbye to Siem Bruijns, one of our Managing Directors. After three years with our company, Siem goes back to the Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT, one of our shareholders and customers. He seems to be the perfect fit for his new function: Corporate Senior Manager Safety and Security.

“These three years went incredibly fast”, says Siem. “On the one hand, I am looking back with a bit of sadness about having to leave, but above all I am proud of what we have achieved. TSCNET has developed into a unique organisation playing an essential role for the TSOs maintaining the security of supply in Europe. In close cooperation with the TSOs, this role will even gain in importance in the coming years.”

Siem has treasured the close contact to the customers and partners – working hand in hand with colleagues from all over Europe at the heart of power grid security. “But the most special thing about TSCNET is the people: An international team of highly skilled professionals coming from many different nations, highly motivated and with enormous team spirit. That is what I will miss the most.”

Siem’s departure marks the end of a successful chapter for our company – a time of growth and good progress in a lot of areas. However, the next chapter promises to be an exciting and challenging one, too. In the end, it will still be all about operational security. Good to know that we will still have a close working relationship with Siem and all his passion and expertise. Sure thing!


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Mel Kroon to resign as CEO of TenneT


Over the considerable period of sixteen years, Mel Kroon has been successfully presiding over the Dutch transmission system operator (TSO) and TSCNET shareholder TenneT. It was during Kroon’s tenure, that TenneT evolved into a leading European high voltage grid operator with 41m end users in the Netherlands and Germany. Strategical key steps were the acquisitions of the 110kV and 150kV grids from Dutch regional grid operators and the taking over of the German operator Transpower. TenneT has subsequently become on of the driving forces of the energy transition in the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. In parallel, TenneT’s asset has increased from €500m to over €20bn over the last two decades.

In the second half of 2018, Mel Kroon will step down as CEO. Until the TenneT Supervisory Board has appointed a successor, he will continue to fulfill his obligations. Aad Veenman, Chairman of the Board, expresses that the TSO is much indebted to Kroon and describes him as “one of the most influential and visionary leaders in the European energy sector”. Mr Kroon himself explains: “It has been, and it still is, a privilege and pleasure to work for TenneT. In the 20th anniversary year of TenneT, it seems a good moment to pass on the helm to a new leader.”

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Picture: TenneT


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Dr Rainer Pflaum confirmed


Distinct signals of management continuity are being sent out by TSC member TransnetBW, one of the four German transmission system operators (TSOs): The company’s Supervisory Board has reappointed Dr Rainer Pflaum as CFO of TransnetBW.

Mr Pflaum belonged to the board of directors at TransnetBW’s predecessor company EnBW Transportnetze AG since 2010. Subsequently – after the renaming of the company in 2012 – he has been a member of the TransnetBW Executive Board. Rainer Pflaum also plays an important role at TSCNET Services, as he holds the chair position of our Supervisory Board since February 2016.

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Picture: TransnetBW


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