Video from a supplier’s perspective


Unicorn Systems is one of the most important partners of TSC and TSCNET Services. The renowned Czech, Prague-based company has developed and maintains our highly sophisticated, decentralised collaboration platform, called common tool for data exchange and security assessments (CTDS). In 2010, the system was put in operation for the first time and is constantly being both optimised and extended. It is absolutely essential for the transmission system operators (TSOs) to answer to the growing operational needs of the European power grid. Now Unicorn produced an inspiring video about TSCNET and the cooperation with Unicorn, mainly to inform potential job candidates.

The video contains an interview with Alexander Wirth, one of TSCNET’s Managing Directors, and gives people a glimpse into a normal working day at our office in Munich. It is one of ten videos to convince new talents and can be watched for free.

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Jointly flow-based


The so-called Flow-Based Market Coupling (FB MC) allows TSOs to allocate cross-border capacities and to maximise the markets’ efficiency without jeopardising grid stability. The CWE FB MC comprises the market coupling in the Central Western European (CWE) region, consisting of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. The coupling processes use the Common System (CS) of the CWE TSOs and require an operator. Now the TSC TSOs – Joint Office in Munich, Germany has successfully taken over the role of the Common System Operator (CSO) for the four TSC TSOs in this region: Amprion, TenneT Germany, TenneT Netherlands and TransnetBW.

The project was led by David Dudoignon, Analyst Capacity Calculation at the Joint Office. In the run-up a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection to Amprion and Coreso had to be established and every TSC Agent had to pass a special training.


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