Logistical masterpiece in Frankonia


This night, a house-sized, 260-tonne power transformer (490 tonnes including the low-loader vehicle) was delivered to the substation Würgau operated by TenneT, one of the German transmission system operators (TSOs). The transformer was built by Siemens in Nuremberg, around 80 km away from Würgau in the north of Bavaria, Germany. The trailer carrying the transformer from the railway station in Bamberg for the final 22-kilometre trip by road is about 54 metres long and travels at about 15 kilometres an hour. What a sight at night!

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DC connection to Norway


The final investment decision for NordLink, the first high-capacity power cable between Norway and Germany with a capacity of 1,400 megawatts, was taken today by TenneT, the Dutch-German TSO, and its two partners, the Norwegian TSO Statnett and KfW bank. The construction of the HVDC link with 516 km subsea cable is expected to start soon.

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Additional Swiss control centre


Swissgrid, the TSO of Switzerland, today placed in operation a second control centre called “Swissgrid Control 2” in Prilly, a suburb of the city of Lausanne. The new facility is part of the TSO’s new “Regional Office Romandie” and complements the long-established control centre in Laufenburg.

Open Swissgrid press release (pdf, 28.7 kb)

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