Transnational transmission grid within sight


When providing services to our customers, TSCNET strongly relies on the quality of the input data. The data comes from different providers, gets created by different tools, and contains vast quantities of information about the European electricity grid. Monitoring and understanding this data is a key to success. TSCNET finished off a project to process and visualise this set of data more effectively using OSIsoft’s PI System, an application software for real-time data management that is already used by several European transmission system operators (TSOs).

Together with OSIsoft engineers, we configured the system to process the input datasets of the security assessment service securely and store them in a well-structured database. Using the flexible web-based tool for visualisation and four large wall-mounted digital screens, we create a permanent dynamic dashboard for the TSC Operators, to always have a clear overview about the status of the input data, and to get an immediate notification if a predefined set of discrepancy in the data is observed.

The dashbord combines operational data with graphics and core information about grid parameters. For now, our tool comprises data about the status of the generation nodes, the transformers and the transmission lines, and the tap position of the phase-shifting transformer (PSTs). A next step is increasing the tool’s scope by additional services, such as capacity calculation, and including the security assessment results.

TSCNET grid KPI dashboard

Pictures: Data Quality Manager Peter Ambrus explains data visualisation at TSCNET Service


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