RGI Award for the Combined Grid Solution


On 23 May, during the Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) presented the “Good Practice of the Year” awards to the 2019 winners. RGI, an association of non-governmental organisations and transmission system operators (TSOs) from all over Europe, annually awards the “Good Practice of the Year” upon recommendation of a jury of experts since 2012. This year’s award in the category “Technological Innovation & System Integration” goes to the “Combined Grid Solution” (CGS), the world’s first hybrid interconnector by the two TSCNET shareholders 50Hertz, one of the four German TSOs, and Energinet, the TSO from Denmark.

The CGS is the first Danish-German offshore interconnector for which submarine cables have been laid between the offshore substations of the German wind farm Baltic 2 and the wind farm Kriegers Flak in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea. The renewable energy generated by the wind turbines has priority and can flow into both interconnected countries if needed. Free capacity can be used to exchange electricity between the Danish and German markets. The jury acclaimed the potential of the CGS “to be enormously consequential for the development of the North Sea and Baltic Sea resources, and its ambition of approaching 100% utilisation of the offshore grid assets”.

Elke Kwapis, Senior Project Manager Offshore at 50Hertz, acknowledged “the collaborative manner amongst all project team members from 50Hertz and Energinet” and commented: “The CGS is the first offshore hybrid interconnector that allows integrating high shares of renewables and at the same time maximising the use of existing infrastructure for offshore wind grid connection.” Per Obbekær, project manager at Energinet, stressed the climate-specific impact of the CGS and the acute need for action: “We need to push all the known technologies and constantly focus on being innovative in our approach to new technologies in order for us to reach our climate goals cross borders.”

By the way, this is not the first time that 50Hertz has received the prize. In 2017, the TSO was awarded in the category “Communication & Participation” for the “DialogMobil”, an information van that functions as a kind of mobile citizen’s office.

The Combined Grid Solution project of 50Hertz and Energinet receives the “Good Practice of the Year Award” from the RGI (picture: RGI)

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50Hertz receives RGI “Good Practice of the Year” award


On 1 June, the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) presented its “Good Practice of the Year” awards to the laureates of 2017 in the course of the Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. RGI is devoted to exploring the best options to develop a climate-friendly and sustainable transmission system infrastructure. With its awards, the initiative honours outstanding approaches in this field. The “Communication & Participation” category – rewarding innovative and improving methods of engagement with stakeholders or the broader public – is headed this year by TSC member 50Hertz, one of the four German transmission system operators.

50Hertz has conceived a simple, yet very effective and flexible solution to appeal to a broad public: An information van (“DialogMobil”) that functions as a mobile citizen’s office. The “DialogMobil” enables 50Hertz to address and engage people who otherwise might not be able or willing to visit traditional information events. The RGI jury ackknowledged the TSO’s “different and innovative way to establish trust” and came to the conclusion that 50Hertz “hugely expanded the opportunities for people to engage early and extensively”.

Marco Nix, CFO at 50Hertz, attended the award ceremony. In his acceptance speech, Mr Nix appreciated the “Good Practice of the Year” award for 50Hertz “as a confirmation of our transparent dialogue approach” and explained: “With the ‘Mobile Citizen’s Office’ we do not only inform, but ‘unlock’ very valuable local knowledge to improve the project outcomes.” Grid extension needs dialogue with all interest groups – for this reason 50Hertz wanted to continue the path the TSO has taken.

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