Environmental protection award for TSCNET employee


Great honour for Diana Carolina Yule Burbano: The Junior Operations Manager in our Service Operations business unit was awarded the Environmental Protection Pin of the Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft (Business Development Corporation of the German Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein) for “Efforts to Protect the Environment and Climate”.

As a graduate of the “Energy and Environmental Management” (EEM) course at the European University in Flensburg in northern Germany, the Colombian-born student cooperated with Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG, a power and gas network operator in Schleswig-Holstein and northern Lower Saxony, as part of her master’s thesis. The young scientist investigated which vehicle types of the company’s own fleet are suitable for conversion to electromobility and developed her own model for estimating consumption and thus for calculating the range, taking into account factors such as load, outside temperature and traffic situation. The annual award was presented in the castle of the state capital Kiel.

Diana has been working for TSCNET Services since autumn 2018. We all congratulate her on this great award.

Dr. Philipp Murmann presents the award to Diana Carolina Yule Burbano together with Dieter Haack and Matthias Dau (Photo: Jan Köhler-Kaeß, Flintbek)

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Underground cables for bird’s habitat in Germany


The Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO) and TSC member TenneT has revealed details for the construction of the “Ostküstenleitung” (“East-Coast-Line”) after an an intensive dialog with the affected public and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas of Schleswig-Holstein. This 380kV transmission line is going to connect the region of Oldenburg and Göhl in the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein – an excellent location for wind turbines – to Hamburg, from where the electricity is to be transported further to the industrially highly developed south of Germany.

The “Ostküstenleitung” is of special importance for the grid expansion in Germany, since the German federal government has declared it a pilot project for partial underground cabling. TenneT has checked all possible options thoroughly to find out, for which parts of the power line underground cables are feasible. The section from Göhl to Sebent leads through the environmentally protected area of the Oldenburger Graben. This important natural habitat for plants and animals is going to be underpassed with earth cables at a length of 4,5 km.

Lex Hartmann, managing director of TenneT assured that the company is working intensively on the realisation of the cable project and emphasises on the communication with the public helping “to increase the acceptance of the ‘Ostküstenleitung’ in Schleswig-Holstein”. Robert Habeck, the state’s competent Minister, explained that an underground cable would relieve the local residents from further infrastructure. Furthermore an underground cable would be beneficial for the protection of birds in a sensisitive area.

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Picture: Little Bittern

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Bird protection in Southern Germany


The Southwestern German TSO, TransnetBW today rolled out an additional initiative to step up efforts for the long-term protection of birds. Specially designed marking devices, some of them installed from a helicopter shall help to mitigate bird collisions. The measures had been developed in collaboration with biologists and ornithologists.

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