Ministerial approval for CGS


Together, TSC members, the Danish transmission system operator (TSO), and 50Hertz, one of the four German TSOs, plan to build an 400MW interconnection between the Eastern Danish and German electricity grids via the Baltic Sea. Now the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate has approved’s investment application.

It is the world’s first interconnection between two countries that also connects two countries’ offshore wind farms. The unique so-called combined grid solution (CGS) will connect the Danish offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak to the submarine cables running from the German side to the two German offshore wind farms Baltic 1 and 2.

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Illustration: 50Hertz/


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COBRA contracts signed


TSC members, the Danish transmission system operator (TSO), and TenneT, the Dutch TSO, have signed contracts for the 700MW DC submarine cable and two onshore converter stations for the COBRA interconnection at the bottom of the North Sea between the Dutch and the Danish electricity grids. The €600m project with socio-economic benefits for both countries is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2019.

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Image showing a converter station using similar Siemens HVDC-Plus power modules (Source: TenneT)

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Denmark set world record for wind power


In a windy year 2015, Denmark set a new global record for wind power generation for electricity. TSC member, the national transmission system operator (TSO), announced that the Danish wind turbines generated what corresponds to 42 per cent of the total electricity consumption, despite two major windfarms being offline. This is the highest figure yet recorded worldwide. Compared to 2014, which was itself a record period, the year-end figures show a 3% rise.

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Nordic power talks


The four Nordic transmission system operators (TSOs), Fingrid, Statnett, Svenska kraftn, and TSC member, invited regulators, authorities, and key market players to the “Roundtable of Nordic Power Stakeholders” near Oslo, Norway, to develop common understanding of both the threats and opportunities, and to discuss the future of the power system in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden until 2030. The Danish TSO offers several documents to inform about the conference, including the TSOs’ strategy presentation.

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Picture: Daniel Flathagen, Creative Commons

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EC confirms Danish-German grid solution


The European Commission has now confirmed eligibility of the revised technical layout for the world’s first offshore interconnection using the national grid connections to offshore wind-farms. As part of the “Kriegers Flak: Combined Grid Solution”, TSC members and 50Hertz plan to establish a 400MW offshore interconnection between the Danish region of Zealand and German Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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Solutions to future-proof the market


Under its “Market Model 2.0″ programme, TSC member, the Danish transmission system operator (TSO), has worked out market-based solutions for an efficient, green transition of the electricity market together with more than twenty other companies, organisations, and government authorities. Now the final project report presents 24 recommendations to “introduce changes and innovation” with “new price signals, new services, new technology, and new ways of ensuring security of supply”.

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> Open “Market Model 2.0″ project report (pdf, 6.2mb)

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Strengthen Danish-German connection


The transmission system operators (TSOs) TenneT and want to boost the interconnection across the Danish-German border to around 2,500 MW. The two TSC member TSOs plan to upgrade the 220 kV connection between Dollern near Hamburg and Kassø in southern Denmark to 400 kV level by 2020. The 150 km transmission line is listed as one of the EU’s Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

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Danish CEO appointed as president


Peder Østermark Andreasen, CEO of the Danish transmission system operator (TSO) and TSC member, will take up the position as President of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) on 1 July 2015 for a two-year term. Andreasen wants to “focus on establishing even closer cooperation between the 41 TSOs from 34 countries as well as forging a stronger position for these TSOs”.

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New shareholders


TSCNET Services GmbH welcomes three new shareholders: The Danish transmission system operator (TSO), the Hungarian TSO MAVIR, and the Polish TSO PSE have been registered as shareholders, following an increase in share capital. Now all thirteen member TSOs of the TSO Security Cooperation (TSC) hold an equal share of ownership.

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A 100 million Euros cooperation


Since its foundation in October 2011 the International Grid Control Cooperation (IGCC) for optimized control energy utilisation produced cost savings of more than 100 Million Euros. The organisation is comprised of the Belgian TSO, Elia SA and the TSC members 50Hertz, Amprion, APG, CEPS,, Swissgrid, TenneT, and TransnetBW.

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