ENTSO-E promotes green economic recovery


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the European transmission system operators (TSOs) lived up to their responsibilities and focused their efforts on maintaining a secure and sufficient supply of electricity, whether for systemically critical facilities or private consumers. The task in the aftermath of this unprecedented crisis is now to ensure that, when Europe’s economy and society regains momentum after the SARS-CoV-2 downturn, it does so in a future-oriented and environmentally responsible manner. Against this background, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), on behalf of its member TSOs, welcomes the European Commission’s strategy to focus on achieving a climate-neutral, resilient, and innovative EU.

ENTSO-E is confident that European TSOs are ready and willing to contribute their expertise to the green recovery. The Corona crisis should not prevent European decision-makers from complying with the EU Green Deal, as ENTSO-E considers it to be central to Europe’s economic recovery. To succeed in the sustainable post-pandemic upturn and the Green Deal, ENTSO-E recommends four key actions to EU policy makers:

  • Recognising the key role of electricity TSOs in system integration – towards a “system of interconnected systems”. This includes multi-sectoral grid planning and forward-looking investments.
  • Putting electrification at the heart of the EU’s decarbonisation policy, as electricity is the dominant vector for clean energy and the electricity transmission grid is central to this.
  • Investing in low-carbon, purpose-built infrastructure and in a “cyber-physical” power supply system.
  • Ensuring a smooth recovery of the entire electricity value chain. This also involves strengthening Europe’s industrial and strategic autonomy.

ENTSO-E is committed to the success of the Green Deal and proposes action strategies to European policy makers (picture: Steffen Horstmann)

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Declaration: “TSOs ensure the lights are kept on”


“We need to jointly ensure the stability of the electrical system, the service continuity and the operation of our network infrastructures, which represent the real backbone of the interconnected electricity system on a continental scale.” Thus, commences the common statement of the managing directors of numerous European transmission system operators (TSOs) from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. And of course, top staff from TSCNET shareholders are also among the signatories of the declaration, namely Gerhard Christiner (CTO of APG), Klaus Kleinekorte (CTO of Amprion), Manon van Beek (CEO of TennetT), Yves Zumwald (CEO of Swissgrid), and Chris Peeters (CEO of the Elia Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of 50Hertz).

The CEOs and CTOs emphasise that energy has always been an essential part of European cooperation. Even more so during the Covid-19 pandemic, which is having a huge impact on the lives of the citizens and the worldwide economy. More than ever, electricity remains crucial for daily life, health services and all systemically relevant and critical activities. The main concern of all European TSOs is, obviously, to ensure the general supply of electricity. “Therefore, our highest priority is to keep our staff healthy – especially those who are working in critical positions like the national control centres or indispensable staff for priority preventive maintenance works and urgent damage repairs on our grids.”

The individual TSOs regularly exchange information on their prevention plans and respective measures. These start with hygiene and health protection and end with the preparation of various case scenarios in which the electricity grids would have to be operated with reduced staff. Close cooperation is also established with the respective national authorities to ensure the safe operation of the electricity grids, functioning markets in times of declining electricity demand and, if necessary, priority maintenance work.

However, as responsible and sustainability-oriented companies, the TSOs are already looking ahead to the time after the pandemic and to the green energy landscape of the future. “Keeping the lights on physically is the first step. And with the Green New Deal in mind we are also already actively preparing how to best support the restart of an ever greener economy as soon as possible,” the managers assure. They are certain that the modernisation of electricity systems and the integration of renewable energy sources are an effective growth programme that will safeguard and create jobs: „Keeping the electricity system future proof, supporting the energy transition, the national plans and the European Green New Deal in line with the Paris Agreement is our joint mission and will be a stable growth motor in all our countries in the years to come.”

TSO managers express their commitment to maintaining supply security during the Covid-19 pandemic and their dedication to the green energy future

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Supporting secure power supply despite corona crisis


For weeks, the world has been watching with great concern the news about the novel coronavirus and the disease COVID-19. Together with the electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) we are ensuring the secure operation of the electricity transmission infrastructure in Europe and are taking the situation with great seriousness. Therefore, we have taken a number of preventive measures to protect employees and visitors from infection with the virus, while at the same time ensuring that all key areas of our business and system operations remain fully operational.

These precautionary measures are reassessed daily and, if necessary, expanded and supplemented. In addition to measures to protect health, these include precautions that severely restrict contact between employees and with other groups of people, as well as additional measures that restrict access to our offices in Munich. Special precautions apply to employees in particularly sensitive areas such as our Regional Coordination Room.

As with any infectious disease, everyone benefits if individuals take precautions. We therefore appeal to all employees and partners to protect themselves and others. If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In operation around the clock! In view of the situation with the novel coronavirus, the management of TSCNET Services has decided to take a number of precautions.

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