A snapshot a day


TSC today announced the beginning of the trial phase of the Real Time Snapshot (RTSN) project: Once a day every Transmission System Operator (TSO) submits a snapshot showing its grid status and load-flow situation close to real time. The different snapshots get merged and are used to check forecast data of the operational planning processes against real-time data. In the future this should be done on an hourly basis. The RTSN models are also usefull for the TSC quality management. Swissgrid, the Swiss TSO is not only providing parts of its IT resources, but has participated in developing the process.

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Energinet.dk fully integrated


Denmark’s TSO, being the newest TSC member, has successfully started its user site. Now the staff at the control centre of Energinet.dk (www.energinet.dk) takes part both in the regular congestion forecast process and the Daily Operational Planning Teleconference (DOPT). This step forward contributes to the security of supply.

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