ČEPS initiates PST


For the first time, the Czech transmission system operator (TSO) ČEPS today laid the foundation stone for phase shifting transformers (PSTs) near the Kadaň electric station. PSTs enable TSOs to control the power flow by regulating the voltage phase angle difference between input and output.

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ČEPS gets drilled


Today, a supervised fire fighting exercise was held in the premises of the Czech transmission system operator (TSO), ČEPS, in Prague, Czech Republic. The fire drill helped to verify dispatcher management from the backup operating centre and to test the efficiency of firefighting measures. It was carried out in collaboration with emergency service units, such as the Czech fire rescue service and the police. Safety first.

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A 100 million Euros cooperation


Since its foundation in October 2011 the International Grid Control Cooperation (IGCC) for optimized control energy utilisation produced cost savings of more than 100 Million Euros. The organisation is comprised of the Belgian TSO, Elia SA and the TSC members 50Hertz, Amprion, APG, CEPS, Energinet.dk., Swissgrid, TenneT, and TransnetBW.

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Go-live of 4M Market Coupling planned


The Steering Committee of the 4M Market Coupling (4M MC) Project announced that the day-ahead electricity markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are expected to be coupled from the trading day 11 November 2014 (delivery day 12 November). The project parties will inform regularly about further progress.

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