Swissgrid commissions new transformer in Laufenburg


TSCNET shareholder Swissgrid, the Swiss transmission system operator (TSO), has successfully taken a new transformer into operation in the Laufenburg substation. It is part of the “Strategic Grid 2025” and plays a central role in the Swiss transmission grid. The new transformer connects the 380kV and 220kV grid levels and increases the capacity of the Laufenburg substation from 600 to 800MVA. It ensures the supply of electricity to the Swiss population, even in the event of increased electricity demand in the future.

The transformer consists of four poles, three active poles and one reserve pole. In the event of a fault, the reserve pole can replace the defective pole without time-consuming displacement. What would otherwise take weeks can be carried out in Laufenburg in just a few days. The protective measures correspond to the highest standard. The new transformer replaces the old one after 53 years of operation.

Swissgrid has put a new transformer into operation at the Laufenburg substation (picture taken from the Swissgrid video “Ein Riese geht ans Netz”, YouTube)

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