Successful ISO 27001 recertification


TSCNET Services conducts and moderates congestion forecast procedures for 29 transmission system operators (TSOs) in 26 continental European countries. The quality of our services also depends on both the quality and the quantity of the data available. Data is one of our biggest assets, and this makes data protection and IT security invaluable and vital for our business. It’s much more than an issue of trust. Last week, our company has successfully achieved ISO 27001 recertification. The independent assessment was conducted by an accredited body, Certification & Information Security Services (CIS) from Austria.

While the ISO 27000 family of standards helps companies manage the security of information assets in general, ISO/IEC 27001 is the best-known international standard providing requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). It covers processes related to information technology, data protection and security, IT related project and vendor management, operations, human resources, and administration.

“ISO 27001 certificate underlines our clear commitment to cyber security and data protection at every level of the business,” says Maik Neubauer, one of TSCNET’s Managing Directors. “The recertification reflects a culture of security and of handling information safely,” adds Emanuel Kofler, our Organisational Development Manager from our Team Corporate Services who helped to establish our ISMS and was in charge of the recertification process.


Successful ISO 27001 recertification