A start with good feeling – welcome, Pamela!


The job advertisement of TSCNET Services stated that the company was looking for “a key figure in the day-to-day operations”. Since mid-July, the new Management Assistant has been with us: Pamela Peruch, an Italian who speaks English, German and French besides her mother tongue. In mid-2000 she graduated in Tourism and Foreign Languages and has lived and worked in Munich since the end of 2003. She had visited her sister several times before in the Bavarian Metropole on the Isar and quickly became fond of Munich, which is often called “Italy’s most northerly city”. Another reason for her move over the Brenner Pass was her passion for the German language.

Since then, she has not only worked in tourism, for example at Munich Airport, but also as an assistant in various companies and industries. “This diversity suited my language skills, my openness for new things and my preference for multicultural environments,” explains Pamela. All these points would have played a major role in her decision to take up the offer of TSCNET with its truly multinational team. In addition, her gut feeling told her that she was at the right address. Then nothing can go wrong – as the American psychologist Joyce Diane Brothers teaches us: “Trust your hunches – they’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”

TSCNET Services has welcomed Pamela Peruch from Italy as the new Management Assistant.