Solar data for the digital energy transition


A comprehensive data supply is a prerequisite for the adequate utilisation of decentralised and volatilely generated electricity, the two basic features of green electricity. Needless to say, that optimised utilisation improves grid stability and supply security, which is why TSCNET shareholder TenneT strengthens its data collection efforts. The Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO) has agreed to exchange real-time solar generation data via a control system coupling with a German distribution system operator (DSO) from the Lower Franconian region.

The exchange of generation data in combination with weather data enables the operators to forecast the amount of regional solar energy generation for the next hours and days more accurately. This improves grid-feed-in and network utilisation and reduces operational costs. Lex Hartman, member of TenneT’s executive board, considers the collaboration an “important milestone in the digitisation of power supply”, and concludes: “With this cooperative data exchange, supply security is the winner.”

> See TenneT press release, in German (html)