SINCRO.GRID presented in the European Parliament


A conference on smart grids from the perspective of regional cooperation was hosted in the European Parliament in Brussels on 28 November by the two members of parliament Franz Bogovič from Slovenia and Davor Škrlec from Croatia. As part of the conference, TSCNET shareholders ELES, the Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO), and HOPS from Croatia introduced their joint smart grid project SINCRO.GRID, a Project of Common Interest (PCI) within the frame of the “Connecting Europe Facility” (CEF) programme.

SINCRO.GRID aims at optimising the efficiency of the Croatian and Slovenian electricity transmission systems by means of deploying advanced technologies as well as innovative data processing methods. The cross-border project is coordinated by ELES and, in addition to the two TSOs, consists of two distribution system operators from both countries.  SINCRO.GRID project manager mag. Simon Tot, Head of Strategic Innovation Project Coordination at ELES, presented the joint venture on the conference and emphasised the importance of such events, since they provide the “opportunity for best practices exchange, international connection and the source of ideas for planning new projects”.

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Picture: European Union


SINCRO.GRID presented in the European Parliament