SINCRO.GRID contract signed


In February 2017, the Croatian-Slovenian smart grid project SINCRO.GRID was awarded €40.5m of EU fundings within the frame of the “Connecting Europe Facility” (CEF) programme. The four-party consortium of SINCRO.GRID consists of the two TSC members ELES, the Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO), and HOPS from Croatia, and two distribution system operators from both countries. Mag. Aleksander Mervar, director of project coordinator ELES, and Dirk Beckers, director of the European Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), now have signed a contract on the allocation of the corresponding subsidies in Brussels, Belgium.

SINCRO.GRID is a model case of good cross-border cooperation. Its purpose is to optimise the efficiency of the power transmission grid in both Croatia and Slovenia involving new advanced technologies and integrated advanced data processing methods. Due to significant electricity transit flows in the control areas of ELES and HOPS, the Project of Common Interest (PCI) is of high value for the pan-European energy market. Zdeslav Čerina, Member of the HOPS Management Board, feels confident that SINCRO.GRID will ensure “more efficient integration of renewable energy sources into the power system and increase the supply security”.

> See ELES press release (html)
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Picture: ELES/HOPS


SINCRO.GRID contract signed