Secure operation in an ever complex system


According to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), no risk is expected for the security of electricity supply in Europe in the summer of 2018. The balance between generation and consumption should be maintained even under severe conditions. Hydroreservoirs, however, require special attention throughout the season. These are the key messages from the Summer Outlook 2018, the ENTSO-E supply security forecast on the upcoming summer season, which recently has been published together with the Winter Review 2017/18.

The ENTSO-E forecasting method is constantly updated to integrate as many risks as possible. This is ensured by a comprehensive pan-European and system-wide calculation approach, involving a significant number of climate studies. ENTSO-E expressly emphasises, that in addition to pan-European adequacy assessment the transmission system operators (TSOs) also capitalise on the services offered by the Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) ‒ such as the Munich-based TSCNET Services ‒ in order to mitigate risks in an increasingly complex system. These services include pan-European and regional week-ahead adequacy calculations.

The Winter Review 2017/18 notes that the last mild and windy winter has not caused any adequacy issues. Then again, there were deviations from the mid-frequency value of 50Hz in the continental European power system from mid-January to early march. The deviations stem from power imbalances in the Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro (SMM) control block, particular in the control areas of Kosovo and Serbia. This is primarily a policy issue, and ENTSO-E hence calls for a political resolution of the conflict.

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