Platforms for Combined Grid Solution installed


The installation of all three offshore platforms for the planned Danish wind farm Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea has successfully been completed on 7 May. A special heavy duty crane vessel was needed as the platforms weigh 800, 1,500 and 1,800 tonnes, respectively. The platforms will not only collect the electricity from Kriegers Flak, but one of them will also be used for the Combined Grid Solution, the first Danish-German offshore interconnetor, which is a joint venture of the two TSCNET shareholders 50Hertz, one of the four German Transmission System Operators (TSOs), and Energinet, the Danish TSO.

The Combined Grid Solution will link Kriegers Flak to the German wind farm Baltic 2 and thus integrate the electricity systems of Denmark and Germany. According to Jens Christian Hygebjerg, project manager at Energinet, the platform installation was the “most costly risk” of the whole project. “It is therefore a great relief to see all three platforms in their rightful place.” The platforms are scheduled to be put into operation in October 2018, but only after an intensive phase of further assembly work and a series of tests under real-life conditions.

> See 50Hertz press release (html)
> See Energinet press release (html)

Picture: Jakob Fynsk / Energinet