Pilot project on e-cars to support grid stability


Maintaining the balance between demand and supply is the core activity of any electricity transmission system operator (TSO). Since the energy transition implies increasingly decentralised energy production and thus a massive change in the European power system, TSCNET shareholder TenneT, the Dutch-German TSO, is constantly exploring new possibilities of utilising such decentralised and flexible electricity sources. In May 2017, TenneT has launched two blockchain technology based pilot projects on flexible grid management involving networked home energy storage systems and electric cars respectively.

Now the TSO actively involves e-car owners in the project, in which the Dutch green energy supplier Vandebron is TenneT’s collaborator. Vandebron has developed a method to provide battery capacities originating from e-car charging sessions of various of its customers. In this way, the TSO can draw on an additional electricity pool in order to avoid grid congestions and support the integration of renewables. Mel Kroon, CEO at TenneT, not only sees the benefits for the supply security, but also states: “We are offering members of the public a wonderful opportunity to play an active role in the energy transition.”

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Pilot project on e-cars to support grid stability