The people at TSCNET Services – turning expertise and experience into customer benefit

Managing Director of TSCNET Services

  Uwe Zimmermann (pdf, 118kb)

We at TSCNET Services support the transmission system operators as service providers and pathfinders on a partnership basis. For this difficult task, we bring experienced and highly motivated experts from various fields of competence into our team.

The company is headed by the Managing Director Uwe Zimmermann. In mid-October Dieter Weiß will take up his post as second managing director. They cooperate closely with the heads of the four business units. TSCNET Services is organised in four units with optimised communication processes and clear responsibilities: Service Operations, Service Development, Portfolio Management, and Corporate Services.

Our organisational structure is based on the idea of matrix management characterised by a cross-functional and cross-business group approach that goes beyond traditional vertical business units. In this way, we want to enhance the flow of ideas, promote the creation and transfer of knowledge, and strengthen the clear allocation of objectives and responsibilities to fully achieve our ambitious targets.

The right organisational framework

In order to develop a competitive strategy and establish the appropriate organisational environment, we analysed the processes within our value chain. We used the results to arrange our structures and workflows as efficiently as possible and to align them optimally to the needs of our customers.

At TSCNET Services, the whole organisational set-up is backed by a consistently managed programme and project portfolio to optimise the decision-making process with wisely set priorities. We have a simple and clear structure where the duties, authority and responsibility of every team member is clearly defined. The corporate processes support cooperation with various stakeholders across team boundaries. In addition, new career opportunities are opening up for our employees.

Five Corporate Values: Integrity, Customer Orientation, Quality, Passion, and Speak-up Mentality.

We build on expertise because we care

Since safe operation of power transmission networks depends on knowledge and experience, our employees are our most valuable resource and their expertise plays an important role in achieving our goal to be our customers’ first choice for integrated and specialised services. We want to work together in an atmosphere of trust and shared responsibility towards a common goal

Core values
In our work for our customers and in cooperation with our colleagues, we are consistently guided by the five Corporate Values we have incorporated into the culture of TSCNET Services: Integrity, Customer Orientation, Quality, Passion, and Speak-up Mentality. They shape our common corporate culture and have a major impact on the success of our company.

Continually enhancing our capabilities

“Every successful company is a learning organisation. Ongoing training and the personal development of every employee are an integral part of every level and every position at our company. But just as important is that the teams exchange their knowledge, learn from each other and find a way to really cooperate.”

Martin Mach, Lead Data Visualisation & MRAT