Modernisation of Pleinting substation


Currently, TSC member TenneT, the Dutch-German transmission system operator (TSO), modernises several of its substations. In doing so, the TSO improves the coupling of regional electricity grids to TenneT’s trans-regional transmission system and pursues three main targets: Meeting the challenges of the energy transition, ensuring grid stability, and enhancing the supply security.

One of those upgrade projects is the substation Pleinting in Lower Bavaria, near Passau and close to the Austrian-German border. The Pleinting substation is of significance for the cross-border electricity exchange, in particular for the linking of Austrian pump storage power plants to the German grid. For this reason, also the overhead power line from Pleinting to the Austrian substation St. Peter am Hart is presently being overhauled. These reconstruction works will probably be finished by April, while the modernisation of the substation is scheduled to last til 2020.

Since transformers are the centrepiece of any substation, the upgrade of Pleinting involves a complete new set of such devices. Today a direct coupling transformer weighing 260t is arriving at Pleinting by means of heavy-duty transport. The assembly of the new machine built by GE Grid Solutions will take up to three month and two more transformers are expected to be delivered until 2018.

> See TenneT press release, in German (html)

Picture: TenneT


Modernisation of Pleinting substation