Our mission and strategy

Our roadmap starts with our mission: Through TSCNET, TSC facilitates the cooperation of its TSO partners and other RSCIs by providing high quality services in order to enhance system security in the heart of continental Europe.

  • TSCNET is an integral part of the regional security coordination envisaged by ENTSO-E
  • TSCNET provides efficient, secure and reliable services and solutions to ensure the highest standard for system security in Europe
  • TSCNET supports TSO partners in order to manage the integration of renewable energy in the system
  • TSCNET ensures and continuously improves the essential European-wide harmonised services

Strategic priorities

As TSC’s service company and a regional security coordination initiative (RSCI), TSCNET Services develops and provides services for TSOs. These are our strategic priorities until 2020:

  • Best-in-class services for the European capacity management process: TSCNET broadens its service portfolio and provides excellent products to its member TSOs plus, potentially, TSOs who are not members of TSC (cost based).
  • Seamless cooperation with Coreso and other partners: The cooperation with Coreso and other RSCIs is formalised to jointly provide services for the synchronous area continental Europe.
    The interfaces with other RSCIs and players like
    power exchanges, auction offices, etc. are defined.
  • Elevation of organisational performance: TSCNET pursues operational excellence and streamlines its governance structure.