Minor power failure, major solution


Only 16 minutes long was the power outage, and it affected only part of the state of Salzburg, but for the Austrian transmission system operator (TSO) APG, the small event was nevertheless related to a much bigger project. The Salzburg Line (“Salzburgleitung”) is a 380kv overhead line project of the TSCNET shareholder. The aim is not only to integrate increasing amounts of renewable energy into the grid, but also to ensure the long-term security of electricity supply for the Salzburg region and the whole of Austria. The line is a key factor in meeting #mission2030, the Austrian energy and climate strategy, which sets the national goal of covering 100% of electricity consumption with renewable energies by 2030.

The current incident has unexpectedly confirmed the necessity of building a new transmission line: Due to a technical defect, the grid coupling of the APG high-voltage grid at the Kaprun substation to the 110kV grid of Salzburg was interrupted, which led to a power outage. Thanks to the swift action of the APG experts, the connection was restored after only a good quarter of an hour. The incident had no critical consequences, but it clearly shows how important additional grid support for the Salzburg distribution grid through the new 380kV line and the new Pongau substation is.

A short-term power outage in the Austrian state of Salzburg underscored the importance of the planned Salzburg Line for grid stability (edited picture of Bruck near Kaprun: Kassandro, Creative Commons)

> See APG press release, in German (html)