Kriegers Flak platform foundations installed


The TSCNET shareholders Energinet, the Danish Transmission System Operator (TSO), and 50Hertz, one of the four German TSOs, are jointly creating the first Danish-German offshore connection in the Baltic Sea, the so-called Combined Grid Solution. For the first time, offshore wind farms will be used for integrating the electricity systems of two countries. The high capacity interconnector will link the German wind farm Baltic 2 with the planned Danish wind farm Kriegers Flak. It is funded by the European Union as a Project of Common Interest.

To collect the wind power from Kriegers Flak, two transformer platforms are needed, of which the larger one will also be used for the Combined Grid Solution. The gravity foundations for these platforms have now been successfully installed in the Baltic Sea at a distance of 8 kilometers from each other. The installation time was about ten hours each. The barge had to be partly subsided below water level, so that the foundations could be unloaded with a special crane vessel. Subsequently, they were lowered to the sea floor. The installation of the platform topsides is scheduled for May 2018.

> See 50Hertz press release (html)

Picture: 50Hertz