HOPS enters Renewables Grid Initiative


Since its foundation in 2009, the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) is devoted to exploring the best options to develop the transmission system infrastructure needed to succesfully integrate large shares of renewable energy. RGI promotes investments in grid extension and tries to increase the much needed public and political support.

Transmission system operators (TSOs) and non-governmental organisations such as WWF International, BirdLife Europe, Germanwatch, Fundación Renovables, or the Climate Action Network are teaming up in RGI. Four TSC members – 50Hertz and Amprion from Germany, Swissgrid from Switzerland, and the Dutch-German TSO TenneT – are already part of RGI. Now the Croatian TSO HOPS has also officially joined RGI.

> See HOPS press release, in Croatian (html)

Picture: Edited Screenshot taken from video “Renewables-Grid-Initiative Animation English” (RGI, YouTube)


HOPS enters Renewables Grid Initiative