High-voltage pylon of Swissgrid sabotaged


On the morning of Friday 26 June, motorists on the Lausanne-Geneva motorway near the municipality of Gland in the Swiss canton of Vaud noticed how a high-voltage pylon collapsed. The cantonal police of Vaud were alerted and immediately cordoned off the area around the scene. No persons were injured. TSCNET shareholder Swissgrid, the Swiss transmission system operator (TSO), disconnected and grounded the two 220kV lines affected by the collapse of the pylon, Banlieue Ouest-Foretaille and Crans-Romanel. Grid stability is guaranteed and there are no supply failures in the Swiss transmission system.

Initial findings indicate that the pylon was subject to an act of sabotage, probably with the help of explosives. On-site investigations have been carried out by the Vaud Cantonal Police and the Swiss Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) while a criminal investigation has been opened by the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland.

A 220kV pylon of Swissgrid has collapsed after an act of sabotage (picture: Canton de Vaud)

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