Grand visit at ČEPS


The management of TSC member ČEPS, the Czech transmission system operator (TSO), was honoured to welcome high ranking visitors in its headquarters in the Czech capital of Prague. Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, and Jiří Havlíček, the Minister of Industry and Trade, obtained information on the operation of the national transmission system directly in the TSO’s main dispatcher’s hall.

The emergency availability of critical infrastructure was the visitors’ prime interest. Since a hassle-free grid operation is mandatory for the functioning of the whole society, nearly two hundred elements of the transmission system belong to the national critical infrastructure, some of which are also part of the European critical infrastructure. Jan Kalina, Chairman of the ČEPS Board of Directors, commented: “We are sharing real-time information with TSOs in neighboring countries as well as distributors, so that our systems are consistent and robust.”

In the ensuing discussion of the government members with the ČEPS representatives, also questions of regulation were addressed. Prime Minister Sobotka and Minister Havlíček assured to provide the regulatory framework for the development of the transmission system and to allow the fulfillment of the ČEPS investment plan.

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Picture: ČEPS


Grand visit at ČEPS