“Keep making me proud!” Goodbye, Jan!


“How I would describe him in one sentence?” asked the colleague. Her answer was not long in coming: “Well, a really big guy with a really big heart!” Then she talks about his helpfulness, his caring nature, his enthusiasm for a voluntary project in the area of nature conservation, and about the goodies he had brought once again to the office for his colleagues just a few weeks ago.

The big guy’s name: Jan van Schuylenburg, one of the Operations Managers at TSCNET Services. After more than two years as our colleague, he returns to his home country, the Netherlands, to the Dutch transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT, our customer and shareholder. The connection is pretty close: Jan had already started working there respectively at the predecessor company SEP (Samenwerkende electriciteitsproduktiebedrijven) in March 1988 – more than 30 years ago!

When Jan decided to work for TSCNET , he had several, very different reasons – for example to improve language skills in English and German, to work in a completely international, intracultural environment, to make new acquaintances, to get to know the German and above all the Bavarian culture even better and to enjoy life in Upper Bavaria and in the Alps on his days off. “I was actually able to achieve all this at least to some extent – I am extremely satisfied,” says Jan. “For me it was a nice adventure to work and live abroad for the first time in my life. I really had a wonderful time here in Munich.”

It had always been a pleasure for him to serve his colleagues in all the TSOs and to be involved in the further development of the so important services and tools, says Jan. As he is now going back to the Netherlands to sit on the other side of the desk as a customer again after a short transition period, there is one final wish: “Keep on making me proud to have once been a part of this wonderful joint venture”. You can be absolutely sure: We will do our best!


“Keep making me proud!” Goodbye, Jan!