Framework set for MARI


The “Manually Activated Reserves Initiative” – in short: MARI – is a new significant European cross-border balancing project. On April 5, a total of nineteen European transmission system operators (TSOs) signed a memorandum of understanding on a new European platform for Frequency Restoration Reserve with manual activation (mFRR). Among the associated TSOs are eight TSC members: APG (Austria), ČEPS (Czechia), (Denmark), Swissgrid (Switzerland), the Dutch-German TSO TenneT, and the three further TSOs from Germany 50Hertz, Amprion, and TransnetBW.

After the approval of the EU Commission regulation Guideline on Electricity Balancing earlier this year, innovative platforms for the coordination of energy exchange have become necessary. The memorandum maps out common guiding principles on which the respective TSOs already had been working since 2016. Now the participants take concrete actions in view of the design, implementation and operation of the mFRR-platform. They will do so in close cooperation, in order to consolidate a single and shared concept.

Everybody involved is deeply commited to the mFRR development, so the TSOs are very confident not only to meet the requirements of the EU guideline, but also to increase supply security and balancing efficiency. If everything goes as planned, the platform should be ready for operation in 2020.

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Framework set for MARI