Foundations for Combined Grid Solution completed


The Combined Grid Solution will serve as first Danish-German offshore interconnector in the Baltic Sea. By linking the German wind farm Baltic 2 to the planned Danish wind farm Kriegers Flak, which is less than 30 kilometres distant, and thus using the national grid connections of these offshore facilities, the Danish region of Zealand will be connected to the German federal state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The ambitious project, awarded as Project of Common Interest (PCI) by the European Commission, is carried out by two TSCNET shareholders, the Danish transmission system operator (TSO) Energinet and 50Hertz, one of the four German TSOs.

A significant progress for the Combined Grid Solution has now been reported by 50Hertz: The gravity foundations for the two transformer platforms at Kriegers Flak were assembled in the Belgian port of Ostende and are ready for shipping. The assembly consisted of placing the so-called transition pieces on the concrete foundations. The transition pieces are the connecting element between the gravity foundation and the topside of each platform. The larger one of these transformer platforms will be the linking point between the Danish and the German transmission systems.

> See 50Hertz press release (html)

Picture: 50Hertz


Foundations for Combined Grid Solution completed