First cross-border FCR auction with France


Several national transmission system operators (TSOs) from Central Europe form the largest European transnational cooperation on the procuration and exchange of Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR). The Austrian, Dutch, German, and Swiss TSC members APG, TenneT, 50Hertz, Amprion, TransnetBW, and Swissgrid are part of this FCR consortium. In August 2016, the Belgian TSO Elia acceded to the collaboration, and now also the French TSO RTE has joined the fold.

On 10 January 2017, the first common cross-border FCR auction with RTE was succesfully held for the delivery period of the third week of 2017. The entry of West Denmark to the regional market – and thus the participation of further TSC member – is firmly planned for the future. With their voluntary initiative, the partaking TSOs support the implementation of the European Electricity Balancing Guideline (EB GL) and also the EU Energy Package “Clean Energy for All Europeans”.

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First cross-border FCR auction with France