EU regulation seals regional coordination


ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for Electricity, comments on the new EU regulation on power system operation (“Commission regulation establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation”, one of Europe’s eight electricity network codes). The regulation coming into force in all EU member states mid-September “formalises” the ongoing strategy based on Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) launched by TSOs to strengthen security of supply with more and more renewables.

ENTSO-E announced to “step up its digital agenda as a lot of IT development is needed to implement the guideline on system operation as well as the other network codes”. In this regard, the Brussels-based organisation launches a new series of conferences on electricity regional coordination together with one of the RSCs: The Conference on Electricity Security Coordination (ElSeC) on the 17th of October in Munich, Germany, hosted by TSCNET Services.

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EU regulation seals regional coordination